Anthropomorphic: Photos and Stories

This exhibition, arising from the artist's book "Anthropomorphic," explores the tendency to assign human qualities to animals.



Chinese Brush Painting

Traditional Chinese art using Chinese watercolor, natural animal hair brush and ink on rice paper and silk.



Earth Song Refrain

This exhibition presents the perspectives of visual artists and poets of color on the climate crisis.

Everyday Astronauts

Taking Rover for a walk: This exhibition is inspired by the Mars Rover Opportunity, whose 90-Day mission lasted 15 years.

Everything’s Fine: Surreal Paintings about Mental Health

The collection illustrates that, though we often say everything's fine, we know everything’s not.


Flight Path

Princeton Artists Directory present their response to British artist Louisa Crispin "Flight Path."

Frederick Douglass: Advocate for Equality

This traveling exhibition depicts the full trajectory of Douglass’ life from 1818-1895.



HerStory in Stitches

This exhibition shows how quilts can be a form of storytelling and a means of capturing history.

Hinds Plaza Gates

A hand-embroidered textile celebrates the legacy of Albert E. Hinds and delivers a compelling statement against white supremacy.


In Between Doodles

This exhibit, featuring individual pieces as well as an installation taped directly onto our walls.

In Lunch With Love

This exhibition recalls that our children have the most important place in our hearts, souls, and funny bones.

In Stitches: Joyful & Tactile Meditation

This exhibition affirms that embroidery is a joyful, tactile form of meditation: rhythmic, relaxing, and stress-relieving

Inspired Together

An exhibition of Helene Plank's mosaic art and William Plank's acrylic paintings.

Interwoven Stories

Artist Diana Weymar guides music lovers to embroider their response to the question, "What does healing with music mean to you?"


John Notman: All the Presidents’ Houses

This exhibit brings awareness to the work of John Notman, a pioneer in 19th-century American architecture and landscape design.



Letter Love

An exhibition by two visual artists who use the alphabet to inspire conversations about belonging and identity.

Looking Micro, Seeing Macro

This exhibition invites us to stop and look closely at the beauty in nature everywhere.

Love Thy Nature

This exhibit depicts the interdependence of organisms and the infinite number of organisms interconnected in one whole.

Luminous Matter

This exhibition channels the forces of fluid dynamics to achieve a nebula-like visual impression.


Manifesting Love: Prints and Poetry

Uplifting imagery created by Terrance Cummings explores the powerful and transformative force of love in everyday life.



Our Inner Ocean

This exhibition encapsulates the fact that life began in the oceans.

Our Universe – From Here to Infinity

Princeton University professor Vanderbei shares photography his imaging the universe.


Picturing Women Inventors

This poster exhibition explores the inventions of 19 highly accomplished American women.

Pollination Investigation

“Pollination Investigation” explores the who, what, when, where, why and how of pollination, and its essential role.

Princeton and Women’s Suffrage

This digital exhibition explores how the debate on women’s suffrage played out in Princeton from 1910 to 1920.

Princeton-Blairstown Center

This exhibit was created to celebrate the 115th anniversary of the Princeton-Blairstown Center (PBC).




Salvadoran Art: A Father and Son

This exhibition showcases Saúl A López's Petate Paintings together with his son Saul López's paintings.

Sinking In: Pursuing Facets of Depth

An artist explores how water itself may be captured in watercolor.

Spring Hue

Spring colors come to life through the distinctive medium of alcohol ink and the deep textures of oil painting.


Telling a People’s Story

“Telling a People’s Story” is the first traveling exhibit on the art found within African American children’s literature.

The Art of Calligraphy

The works in this exhibit created by Michael Shiue represent a wide range of calligraphy styles.

The Concussion Diaries

Following a concussion, artist Terri Riendeau begins to notice every detail of the world around her and begins painting.

The Glass Room Experience

The Glass Room Experience is an exhibition on data and privacy, exploring how our data is generated, harvested, traded, and sold.

The Periodic Table of Elements

Each piece in this exhibition is an experiment in materials and texture, focusing on the Periodic Table and natural elements.

The Power Of Faces

Images from the global photojournalism project by Theresa Menders and Daniel Farber Huan capture photos for families in flight.

THE Question: A Photographic Journey

The latest work of longtime photographer Larry Parsons dares to ask THE Question, and takes the viewer on a photographic journey.

The Three Eras of African American Inventor Experience Journey

This exhibit allows the viewer to gain a deeper appreciation for the immense talent and impact of Black inventors.

Through the Storm: Finding Home

The art and poetry in this exhibit have been created by homeless individuals in HomeFront’s ArtSpatlight description goes here.


Uprooted Trees, Magicicadas and Climate Change

Susan Hoenig connects Earth and Art to make visible the relationship between habitat, plant and animal life.



Wetland to Woodland

The works on display ask viewers to consider afresh these two distinctly different but interrelated ecosystems.

Whispers of Time: Exploring Select Iranian Architectural Gems

A journey through the captivating realm of Persian architectural wonders, where each piece tells a story of heritage and beauty.

Who Can Vote? A Brief History of Voting Rights in the U.S.

This exhibition examines voting rights and the role of the government in determining who is allowed to vote.

Wild Princeton

All the wild creatures in this exhibition have a surprising thing in common: they were all photographed in the Princeton area.

Woodstock 50: A Look Back

An exhibition of photographs taken by local resident Ilene Levine documents the era-defining music festival.

World War II on the Princeton Home Front

This exhibition explores how World War II affected Princeton and its neighbors.




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