Whispers of Time: Exploring Select Iranian Architectural Gems

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Whispers of Time: Exploring Select Iranian Architectural Gems


6/8/2024 - 7/21/2024


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Step into the rich tapestry of Persian architectural heritage with this captivating exhibition, curated by Farzaneh Tahmasbi, a specialist in architectural design. Through a carefully selected collection of photographs, visitors are invited to embark on a visual journey that celebrates the timeless beauty, intricate details and cultural significance of Persian historical architecture.

From the majestic domes of mosques adorned with vibrant tile work to the imposing bazaar steeped in centuries of history, each photograph offers a glimpse into the architectural marvels that have shaped Persian culture. The exhibition provides an exploration of various architectural styles, showcasing the diversity and ingenuity of Persian craftsmanship.

Viewers will gain a deeper appreciation for Persian architecture and its enduring influence on art, culture and society. Whether one is a seasoned architectural enthusiast or simply curious to explore the wonders of Persian heritage, this exhibition promises to inspire, educate and captivate audiences of all backgrounds.

About the Artist

Artist Bio

The exhibition is curated by Farzaneh Tahmasbi, a recently graduated student with a diverse academic background rooted in architectural studies. Farzan earned her bachelor’s degree in architecture and subsequently pursued her first master’s degree in Iranian historical architecture in Iran. During this time, she delved deep into the rich architectural heritage of Iran, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its historical significance and cultural context.

Building upon her expertise in Iranian architecture, Farzan embarked on a journey to further hone her skills and broaden her perspective. She pursued her second master’s degree specializing in architectural design at Temple University, where she continued to explore innovation in architectural practice.

With a passion for photography and a profound interest in Persian culture and history, Farzan has spent years studying and documenting the architectural wonders of Iran. Combining academic knowledge with artistic vision, she has meticulously curated a collection of photographs that showcase the beauty, diversity and cultural significance of Persian historical architecture. Through her lens, viewers are offered a unique perspective that captures not only the aesthetic appeal of these structures but also the stories and traditions that surround them.

Drawing from her academic background and personal experiences, the exhibition provides a thoughtful exploration of Persian architectural heritage, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of history, art and culture.

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