• Nothing or everythingWrapped in two layers of clothing, I was well insulated to brave the brisk cold on my early morning walk, but not enough to keep me grounded in the present. Gloved hands burrowed inside my pockets, placing one foot in front of the other, I began imagining life on this side of my Norman Rockwell-like […] Read More Posted Dec 13, 2018 by Kristin Friberg
  • The most popular books of 2018It’s hard to believe but the end of the year is just one month away. As expected, Best Books of the Year lists are popping up all over the place (including our own list specifically for winter reading). These lists are often enlightening and debate-worthy but I wanted to look at something a bit more […] Read More Posted Dec 3, 2018 by Andre Levie
  • Short stories for shorter daysSince the clocks turned back and daylight hours dwindle on our way to winter, I find less time to read. Dark evenings make me feel less productive, and I am liable to fall asleep on the couch at 7 p.m. while reading. I particularly enjoy short stories and novellas in these moments. They are long enough […] Read More Posted Nov 23, 2018 by Hannah Schmidl
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