Wetland to Woodland

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Wetland to Woodland:


Mar. 1, 2020 – Jan 5, 2021


Second Floor – Quiet Reading Room, Second Floor – Hallway, Second Floor – Tech Center


Wetland to Woodland is an exhibition by two Princeton-based eco-artists, Mary Waltham and Susan Hoenig. The works on display ask viewers to consider afresh these two distinctly different but interrelated ecosystems, each of which combats climate change.

The artists have worked together to present works reflecting a connection to and inspiration from wetland and woodland respectively, using a range of visual media and methods.

Materials collected from selected sites, such as wetlands muds and ink derived from tree nuts, are incorporated in some of these works to express and enhance the portraits of site or species.

The artists share an urgent concern with the numerous ways in which the climate emergency is affecting our wetlands, our woodlands and inevitably, all of our lives.

Mary Waltham

Online catalog of Wet~lands work




Susan Hoenig


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