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Anthropomorphic: Photos and Stories:


Jan. 8 to March 15, 2024


Reading Room, second floor


This exhibit features a selection of works from the artist’s recent book “Anthropomorphic.” The book and exhibit explore the human tendency to assign human emotions and characteristics to animals. Through engaging photography and funny, sad and poignant original stories, readers can begin to see in these animals the same traits they might see in anyone they know or see.

Join the artist on Jan. 18 for the opening reception and artist talk. Details at this link.

About the Artist

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Darren R. Sussman is a self-taught photographer who has been exploring with his camera since 2015. Darren loves to see any place new, freezing moments in time and capturing the sense of a place to share with the world. Not limited to one style, Darren shoots landscapes, wildlife, street photography, and special events. He lives in New Jersey, but travels extensively around the US looking for new places to shoot.

Artist Statement

I’ve been doing it my entire life. Stuffed animals, action figures, it didn’t matter. If it had a face, I’d infuse it with human emotion. Heck, as I write this, I’m sitting with my friend Emily, a small lavender teddy bear who has more personality than a lot of people I know. So it’s not a big surprise that when I became interested in wildlife photography, I found myself studying my subjects and assigning human behaviors to them. To me, they looked sad or thoughtful or happy or playful.  Often I would take it a step further and create little stories for them.

In this exhibit, I’ve sought to create stories that fit these pictures, but that could have been written about a human being.  As you read them, imagine someone you know or maybe even just someone you saw walking down the street. Imagine real people in these situations, and then look into the faces of these animals and try to see what I see.

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