Everyday Astronauts

An image of the artist's, showing an astronaut walking a rover alongside the title of the exhibition

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Everyday Astronauts


May 15 - Aug. 7, 2024


History Hallway and Tech Center


In the “Everyday Astronauts” series, Rachel “RD” Diamond blends a deep passion for space with a love for whimsical absurdity and digital design to create vibrant depictions of astronauts through a light-hearted lens. Each piece sparks joy and laughter by placing astronauts in everyday scenarios, merging the fantastical with the mundane. This playful juxtaposition invites viewers to see the universe as a familiar playground of endless possibilities. With bold poses and a dynamic palette, her art offers a delightful suspension of disbelief. It connects with those who cherish humor and warmth in their cosmic journey.

About the Artist

Artist Bio

Rachel “RD” Diamond is an illustrator and graphic designer whose rich interdisciplinary background informs her vibrant, diverse artistic practice. Currently focusing on the digital realm, Rachel also has a profound appreciation for traditional mediums, including painting, drawing, fiber arts, and sculpture. She works as a graphic designer with a specialization in print media, bringing a unique blend of creativity and technical skill to every project. Rachel’s experience as a former art teacher at Princeton Charter School has played a significant role in shaping her approach to art; she credits her former students with keeping her curiosity and passion for exploration alive. Through her work, Rachel explores the intersection of whimsy and innovation, creating pieces that resonate with a broad audience.

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Instagram: rdchroma

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