In Stitches: Joyful & Tactile Meditation

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This Exhibition Is No Longer Showing


In Stitches: Joyful & Tactile Meditation:


From Dec. 2 to Feb. 28


Second Floor Tech Center


Lifelong maker Kyle Burkhardt has sewn her own clothing and bags by machine for years. Intrigued by the charming appeal and convenient portability of embroidery, she started stitching pre-printed kits by hand five years ago. Kyle discovered that embroidery is a joyful, tactile form of meditation: rhythmic, relaxing, and stress-relieving. This work ranges from traditional sashiko (Japanese embroidery) to updated stitching with a delightful twist, and in styles ranging from chunky threads to detailed pieces.

About the Artist

Artist Bio

A New Jersey native, Kyle has worked at Princeton University for over 12 years.

Social Media

Follow her on Instagram at @vacuumingthelawn.

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