Uprooted Trees, Magicicadas and Climate Change

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This Exhibition Is No Longer Showing


Uprooted Trees, Magicicadas and Climate Change:


September 19 until November 27


Technology Center

About the Artist

Artist Bio

Susan Hoenig connects Earth and Art to make visible the relationship between habitat, plant and animal life. She studies the evolutionary impact of the forest understory.

In 2020, Susan was artist-in-residence at Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve in Princeton, New Jersey where she collaborated with Friends of Princeton Open Space to draw attention to the value and beauty of native trees. One of Susan’s sculptures, the American Chestnut Leaf Sculpture, is situated alongside saplings of 100% native seeds. A documentary was made of this restoration project.

Susan has also created eleven leaf sculptures alongside public trails at Graeber Woods Preserve in Franklin Township, New Jersey. Since 2006, Susan has worked at the Featherbed Lane Bird Banding Station in the Sourland Mountains of New Jersey. This experience has greatly inspired her to learn about what a healthy habitat means for the forest eco-system.

Artist Statement

The emergence of the Brood X cicada in May 2021 fascinated me. I studied and sketched the three species of Magicicada: Magicicada septendecim, Magicicada cassini and Magicicada septendecula. Princeton’s abundance of old trees and long history of preserving wooded areas sustains their livelihood. I live near Princeton and observed their lifespan for 4-6 weeks. Cicadas depend on an interconnected network of forests to survive. The best way to protect cicadas is also one of the strongest tools for fighting climate change, protecting trees. My paintings are about the unique life cycle of cicadas and the devastating loss of trees.

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American Chestnut documentary filmed at Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve:

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