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Author: Andre Levie

The library book drop: always here for you

In urban planning the various objects and equipment installed on streets and sidewalks are collectively called “street furniture.” These objects include things like mailboxes, benches, traffic lights, bus stops, and street signs. This public library and most others long ago added some useful furniture to the mix: book drops. The humble book drop serves one […]

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Fire up the grill

One of the best things about summer is the opportunity to cook and dine al fresco. I checked our catalog at the library and found we have many cookbooks with recipes and ideas for outdoor entertaining. Digging a bit deeper I looked up our most popular outdoor cooking titles and the top 10 books are […]

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Sharing on Library Giving Day

Library Giving Day Logo

Libraries have always been about sharing. We share books and movies and a vast array of other materials with our communities. We help people learn and share experiences through classes and programs. Libraries also share with each other. This includes sharing our materials but we also share ideas. The first annual Library Giving Day (#LibraryGivingDay) […]

Princeton on film

One of the most beautiful spaces in the library is the Princeton Room. This room houses our Local History books and also many maps, city directories, and a vertical file of clippings related to Princeton and some of the people who have lived here. One little-known collection in the room features a few DVD documentaries […]

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The most popular books of 2018

It’s hard to believe but the end of the year is just one month away. As expected, Best Books of the Year lists are popping up all over the place (including our own list specifically for winter reading). These lists are often enlightening and debate-worthy but I wanted to look at something a bit more […]

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Our friendly bookstore

One of the great features of the Princeton Public Library is The Library Store. Since we opened The Sands Library Building back in 2004, the Friends of the Library  have run a bookstore on the first floor. From its humble beginnings as two bookcases next to the stairs, the bookstore has expanded to include over […]

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A bit of the Netherlands in Princeton

It is a bit of understatement to say Princeton is a beautiful town. Those of us fortunate enough to live or work here are treated every day to the lush tree-lined streets and spectacular architecture of the town and Princeton University. While Princeton is mostly known for the collegiate Gothic buildings of the University (lots […]

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You are here

I admit it’s easy to get a bit lost in the library. On our three floors we have so many different spaces and collections that it can be a challenge to figure out where you are and where you want to be. We took great care to make the layout of each floor as intuitive […]

Our new third floor

We recently reopened the third floor after closing it for a bit of renovation and reorganization. The impetus for the change was the need to re-carpet the entire floor. The old carpet was installed back when the library was built in 2004 and after nearly 14 years of heavy use it was high time for […]

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Play it: a New Year’s Eve playlist

​Christmas is over and the carols have (finally) stopped playing on the radio and at the shopping centers and malls. As New Year’s Eve is upon us, I find myself wondering why Christmas gets so many songs and all the other holidays have few or none devoted to them. For example, where are all the […]

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