Princeton’s living room

The hectic holiday season is finally over and before I start working on my new year’s resolutions (all of which I will break by the end of the month) I need to relax. Unfortunately the only spot to relax in my house is usually covered with my kid’s Legos, toy trains, and half-finished craft projects. Once again the library comes to the rescue! There are nooks all over the building with comfy chairs perfect for reading and relaxing. I want to point out three of my favorite spots and invite everyone to take some time to just sit and chill (or warm up) here at PPL.

If you walk past all the new books sections on the first floor you will see one of our fireplaces next to the newpaper area. This is the perfect spot to sit and warm up for a bit while catching up on the news. It’s also close to our display of new coffee table books, a few of which are pictured above. If you do not feel like lugging these tomes home the seating area by the fireplace is an ideal place to browse these gorgeous books.

One floor above the first floor fireplace is (surprise) the second floor fireplace. This seating area is right next to our excellent magazine collection. Feel free to sit and peruse whatever magazine catches your interest or check out the nonfiction on that floor.

If you want a nice place to sit and read to your kid there’s a spot with a great view on the third floor. The long bench is outside our story room and is named after our former Assistant Director, Eric Greenfeldt.

These are just a few of the many places to relax, read, and converse here in the library. Please stop by soon and find your own favorite spot to get away from it all.

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