Spring renewal

Spring is finally here and we are in the mood for some refreshing and renewing at the library. Please stop by and check out our new tables and chairs for your reading, relaxing, and conversing enjoyment. Join me on a brief tour of some of the most recent changes at the library.

On the first floor behind the Welcome Desk we now have this fabulous collection of hexagonal chairs and side tables. To me they look a bit Star-Trek or maybe mid-70s talk show…very cool and retro. This is the perfect spot for some quiet group conversation.

Pictured below is not a furniture change but instead a collection shift. The two Book Group tables that used to be by the windows have been moved to the large open area on the first floor. The Book Group collection is now more visible and easier to browse. Moving them has also allowed us to add more comfy chairs close to the windows. Fun fact: there are now a total of 22 comfy chairs by the windows on the first floor!

On the first and second floors near the fireplaces we have added these pleasing and easy-to-move chairs. If you want to settle in here don’t worry…we won’t turn on the fireplaces again until it gets much colder.

Finally on the third floor we have added many tables and chairs that are easy to rearrange in the Teen area. These provide places for teens to study, relax, read, and just hang out.

We are always evaluating the space here at the library and trying to make the building more comfortable and easier to use. Keep your eye out for more changes, and see you at the library.

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