Top 10 suspense and fiction

As faithful readers of this blog might know by now, I love lists. Because my specialty is collection development, I am always curious about what people want to read, watch, and listen to, so I have compiled various lists based on the circulation of books, DVDs, and CDs at the library. Two lists I have yet to create (until now): the all-time most popular suspense and fiction books at the Princeton Public Library. Let’s get to it! (Insert drum roll here.)

The ten most popular suspenseful books of all time at the library are:

1. Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. Body of Evidence

2. Crombie, Deborah. A Share in Death

3. Leon, Donna. Death and Judgment

4. George, Elizabeth. A Great Deliverance

5. George, Elizabeth. Well-schooled in Murder

6. Perry, Anne. A Dangerous Mourning

7. Connelly, Michael. The Last Coyote

8. Robinson, Peter. Gallows View

9. Dexter, Colin. The Jewel That Was Ours

…and the last on the list an early entry in a long-running series:

10. Evanovich, Janet. Three to Get Deadly

And now for the top ten fiction titles at the library:

1. Kingsolver, Barbara. Homeland and Other Stories (Note: This is a bit surprising since story collections usually don’t circulate as well as novels here.)

2. Kingsolver, Barbara. Pigs in Heaven

3. Quindlen, Anna. Object Lessons

4. Sparks, Nicholas. The Notebook

5. Card, Orson Scott. Xenocide (Note: Surprising because Ender’s Game is his most well known novel.)

6. Byatt, A. S. Possession

7. Quick, Amanda. Deception

8. Fitzgerald, F. Scott This Side of Paradise

9. Asimov, Isaac, Foundation

10. Barker, Pat. Regeneration

Please feel free to check out and read any of these twenty very popular titles and let us know what you think of them. You can add reviews and comments in our catalog or join us at The PPL Buzz on Facebook. Happy reading, everyone!

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