Our new third floor

We recently reopened the third floor after closing it for a bit of renovation and reorganization. The impetus for the change was the need to re-carpet the entire floor. The old carpet was installed back when the library was built in 2004 and after nearly 14 years of heavy use it was high time for an update.

Closing the floor was done with much reluctance because it houses our beloved Youth Services department, collections, and study and storytime spaces. But there was something positive that came from this inconvenience: we had the opportunity to rearrange much of the floor to better suit your needs. The new arrangement is based on your suggestions and years of observation on how the floor is actually used by young people and their caregivers. The floor is now divided into distinct areas or zones based on the ages of our visitors and how they want to use the library.

Some of our new zones include an Early Literacy Space for our youngest visitors and their caregivers. This area includes board books and our new child-friendly browsing box shelving for much of our picture book collection. The space emphasizes “play” as an important component in the development of early literacy skills, which provide children with the pre-skills necessary to beginning learning how to read. Expanding the amount of space designed for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and their families and caregivers on the third floor has enabled us to provide a stronger connection between play and reading.  Also within this space is a also new Nursing Room , as well as a Little Lab, a space that will continue to grow and is focused on integrating technology elements into the development of early literacy skills.

The Early Literacy Space leads into the area dedicated to Independent Readers, or kids who are learning how to read on their own, with kid-sized furniture and collections like Beginning to Read, Folk & Fairy Tales, World Languages, and Audiobooks that encourage exploration.  And adjacent to the terrace is our spacious Living Room for families to sit and read together.

Just a few steps away is our new Collab Space for older children and tweens to get help with their homework, work on group projects, and hang out. Our nonfiction collection is part of this study-oriented zone, as well as some classic board games to try out during study breaks.

These are just a few of the changes that we have recently made to the floor, and more exciting changes are coming soon. Please stop by to check out and use the updated spaces and ask us about what we have planned for the future.

Photos courtesy of the author.

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