Sharing on Library Giving Day

Libraries have always been about sharing. We share books and movies and a vast array of other materials with our communities. We help people learn and share experiences through classes and programs. Libraries also share with each other. This includes sharing our materials but we also share ideas. The first annual Library Giving Day (#LibraryGivingDay) is a new idea shared with the libraries across the nation from the Seattle Public Library.

On April 10th libraries from all over North America will join in this movement. Here at the Princeton Public Library we hope you will consider giving to us to keep us everyone’s favorite place in town. The library is the center of reading and civic engagement in our town and we rely on support to keep our shelves well-stocked with a diverse and appealing array of materials for everyone. Contributions can help us acquire new and timely materials and reduce wait times for our most popular titles.

The number of formats we collect to share with you is staggering. The formats include books for adults, young adults, and children; magazines and newspapers; rare books for our Princeton collection; DVDs and Blu Rays; audiobooks; video games; and books in many World Languages for kids and adults. We also collect materials you can access anywhere as part of our eLibrary. These include eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, streaming movies, music, databases, and online courses.

We love sharing these resources and more with you. It is part of our culture to build collections that educate and enrich our community. Your contribution as part of Library Giving Day will help to keep the Princeton Public Library the center of reading, learning, and engagement in town.

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