Extreme makeover (library edition)

It’s hard to believe but the “new” library building is now almost eight and a half years old! We have had fun, and time has flown.

An unfortunate fact of being a very well-used building is that everything begins to look…well, used. We have decided that now is a great time to renew and refresh the building, furniture, and collections. If you have been in the library recently you will see and hear us moving shelves, painting walls, setting up new seating areas, etc. The goal is to update the look of the building and make it more open, browsable, comfortable, and user-friendly.

I am only highlighting a couple of changes on the first and second floors but many more renovations are in-the-works or coming soon.

First, the Travel collection has travelled (sorry) from the first to the second floor. There is more room upstairs to shelve and display the collection. This move also allows us to move the end of the alphabet Fiction to where Travel used to be…a much more logical place for Fiction.

Second, the fiction Audiobooks have moved to the wall behind the low Audiobook shelves. The entire fiction collection can now be seen at once and this move will allow us to shift the Music CDs (a forthcoming move).

Stay tuned for new seating areas and furniture and many exciting changes on the third floor!

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