Little Thinker Kits

Toy bag, Tonie box, figurines and magnetic tiles.


Little Thinker Kits help children develop critical early literacy skills, foster creativity and gain independence, both at home and on the go. All Little Thinker Kits include a Toniebox and a curated selection of Tonie figurines to provide an imagination-building, screen-free digital listening experience. Portable and interactive, the Toniebox plays stories, songs and more. Select kits also include a set of 40 magnetic tiles in a variety of shapes to enable children to engage in STEAM-based free play inspired by their own song and storytelling experiences.


Your kit includes:

  • Toniebox
  • Curated selection of five or six Tonie figurines
  • Toniebox power charging cord
  • Select kits: 40-piece Magformers set

Little Thinker Kits are supported by funds from LibraryLinkNJ as part of the Level Up Your Library mini-grant program. LibraryLinkNJ and its services are funded by the New Jersey State Library.


Using the Toniebox: 

Turning On + Off
To turn on, pinch one of the Toniebox ears or place the Toniebox on its charging station. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the Toniebox will automatically turn off.

Playing and Pausing
When the LED on the Toniebox is solid green, place a Tonie on top. If you want to pause or stop the story, simply remove the Tonie from the Toniebox. If you want to resume the story, place the Tonie back on and it will resume from where it left off.

Adjusting the Volume
Pinch the larger ear to increase the volume, and pinch the smaller ear to decrease it.

When fully charged, the Toniebox can be used for up to seven hours. When the battery is almost empty, the Toniebox LED will turn solid orange. When the battery is empty, the LED will flash red and let you know that it needs to be charged. It takes about three hours for the battery to fully recharge. 

Listening to additional Tonies that are not included in your Little Thinker Kit:
The Tonie figurines included in your kit have already been downloaded onto your Toniebox, so there is no need to access Wi-Fi to operate it. However, if you wish to play Tonies on the Toniebox that are not included in your Little Thinker Kit, you will need to connect to a wireless network to download the content of your other Tonies. Navigate to on your smartphone or computer to access instructions on how to connect the Toniebox to a Wi-Fi network.

Skipping Back and Forth, Rewind and Fast Forward
To skip back and forth between tracks, tap the side of the Toniebox. To fast-forward or rewind, tilt the Toniebox on its side. It is important to note that the Tonie needs to complete its initial download before you can skip or rewind.

Storing the Toniebox:
Your Little Thinker Kit is contained in a carrying case specifically designed to play and store the Toniebox. Flip the Toniebox on its side – LED screen facing left and ears at the top – to automatically turn off and store it. To play it, face the speaker forward, open the front zipper on the carrying case, and place your Tonie on top of the LED screen.

Ideas for Use

Whether at home or on-the-go, skills-building can occur anytime, anywhere! Since each Little Thinker Kit is pre-loaded with the Tonies included in your carrying case, there is no need to connect to Wi-Fi. Plus, a fully-charged Toniebox can be used for up to seven hours before needing to be charged again, so it is great to take on a long car ride or a visit to the park. The Toniebox is equipped with a headset jack; attach a kid-safe headset (not included) to the Toniebox so your children can enjoy quiet-time listening.

Does your kit contain a set of Magformer tiles? Let your children’s imagination be inspired through listening to the Tonies stories and songs to build and create something new!

Expand your listening experience! Borrow a Tonies Variety Pack, each containing a selection of 10 Tonies grouped by theme and age-appropriateness that can be played on the Toniebox included in your Little Thinker Kit. Themes include wellness, exploration, Disney stories & songs, nature & science, superheroes, and classic tales.

Check out the book lists below for recommended titles from the library’s collection that correspond with your Little Thinker Kit:

Read With Tonies: Library Favorites

Read With Tonies: Preschool Favorites

Read With Tonies: Disney Favorites

Read With Tonies: Disney Princesses

Read With Tonies: Elementary School Favorites

Read With Tonies: Explore the World

Read With Tonies: National Geographic Favorites

Read With Tonies: Paw Patrol

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