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About Proctoring

Princeton Public Library offers free proctoring services for the public for exams that do not require direct supervision for the duration of the test.

How to Set Up an Exam

If you are in need of a proctor for your exam, follow the steps outlined below:

Contact Kristin Friberg at:

 A librarian will be assigned to be your proctor, given there is advance notice of at least two weeks.

  • Using the proctor’s contact information, the student prepares any paperwork required by the school.
  • The exam is sent to the proctor. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the library to make sure all tests are received. Exams may be received at the libraries via U.S. Mail, email, fax, etc.
  • Librarian and student schedule a mutually convenient time for the student to take the test. Staff schedules are not altered to accommodate proctored exams. Librarians do not proctor exams “on demand.”
  •  Student takes the exam. The student must not require direct supervision while taking an exam.
  • The librarian returns the test to the school. Exams are returned to the schools via fax or email, depending upon the school’s requirements.

GED Subject Tests

The library serves as a site for individuals wishing to take the GED subject tests online. The online GED subject test is managed by an online proctor. Test-taking times range from 70 – 150 minutes, depending on the subject test being taken. You will need: a computer with a webcam and access to the internet; a quiet, private space; a government-issued ID, and a “Green,” or passing score, on the subject practice test.

NOTE: You are welcome to use your own device to take the online tests OR the library can provide you with a computer to utilize for your test. Library space for test taking must be booked 2 weeks in advance. Please contact Kristin Friberg at: to schedule your online test date and space. Be sure to indicate if you will need to utilize a library computer or if you will be using your own computer.

To learn more about the online test-taking process, visit the GED test services site here. 

Missed Appointments

If the student misses an appointment, the librarian reschedules at a date and time convenient to both parties. The student may not request a substitute proctor except in an emergency.

If a student misses two appointments without a valid reason, the librarian returns the uncompleted exam to the learning institution. Librarians are not required to schedule an exam for a third time.

Please Note:

Due to computer restrictions, there may be some exams requiring the use of a computer that we may not be able to proctor. PPL reserves the right to decline to proctor any exam at the librarian’s discretion.

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