Genre: Fiction

Earth Day is Every Day

Books for children all about discovering the joy of nature and cultivating a desire to care for the planet.

Growth Mindset Picture Books

Great picture books for preschool and elementary in which hard work, dedication, resilience and a love of learning are encouraged.

CMAP Library Reads – March

Every month, librarians share books they are excited about with the members of the Center for Modern Aging Princeton.

Janie’s Picks

Janie has a soft spot for Canadian books, contemporary & historical fiction, memoirs, short stories, and psychological thrillers.

Martha’s Picks

No matter what genre or format, Martha is drawn to books with quirky, unique and unforgettable characters full of heart.

Jordan’s Picks

Jordan has a passion for diverse literary journeys that transcend time and genre boundaries.

Eva’s Picks

Eva likes adventures, tragedies, storytellers, liars, and books about characters making long, dangerous journeys.

Nature Explorers!

A list of recommended books and online resources to inspire families to get outside and explore the natural world.

Wordless Picture Books

Wordless picture books can be great literacy tools for language development, oral storytelling, and vocabulary building.

Katie’s Picks

Katie is fond of contemporary and historical middle grade fiction, YA romances, and fairy tale retellings of all kinds.

Stephanie’s Picks

Stephanie enjoys historical fiction and novels-in-verse, and she can often be found browsing new JU non-fiction.

LGBTQIA+ Pride for Kids

Celebrate and explore the history of Pride with a selection of children’s books that highlight LGBTQIA+ experiences and stories.

Hispanic Heritage for Kids

Explore titles that highlight the Hispanic/Latinx experience, storytellers and artists, and history and culture.

Disability Pride for Kids

Celebrate, read, and learn about Disability Pride in July and all year long with these selections of books for kids.

Senior Sleuths

Life is exciting and full of surprises for these oldies, be they spies, detectives, or just in the right place at the wrong time.

Rhiannon’s Picks

Rhiannon can often be found with her nose in a book with a unique narrative structure. She loves retellings of classic stories.

Banned Books Week

The ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom tracks challenges to library, school, and university materials and services.

Cliff’s Picks

A scholar of Greek & Latin Classics, Cliff’s reading tastes inevitably trend toward literature, philosophy, history, & criticism.

Poetry for Teens

A selection of poetry, novels in verse, anthologies, and more for teens.

Juneteenth for Teens

Explore nonfiction and fiction titles about honoring and celebrating Juneteenth, emancipation, Black history, and culture.

Hispanic Heritage for Teens

Celebrate the varied histories and cultures of people from Hispanic and Latin-American backgrounds with this list of books that hi

LGBTQIA+ Pride for Teens

Celebrate and explore the history of Pride with this selection of teens books that highlight LGBTQIA+ experiences and stories.

Black History for Teens

Nonfiction and fiction books for teens on Black creators and leaders, historical events and movements.

Leslie’s Picks

Leslie loves going through the journey with the characters and seeing them develop along the road.

Laura’s Picks

Laura enjoys literary fiction and is drawn to essays, poetry, memoir, music, and film/TV that explore a wide range of topics.

Back to School for Adults

If you miss your school days, then perhaps reading a novel set in a school or book about education will help ease those pangs.

Beach Mysteries

Summer is a perfect time for a chilling mystery. Grab one of these mysteries and thrillers set at the beach.

Dana’s Picks

Dana enjoys action movies, sports, traveling, and a great story or book of any kind.

Erica’s Picks

Erica enjoys contemporary & historical fiction, memoirs, and essay collections.

Female AAPI Voices

We’ve gathered a handful of extraordinary female AAPI voices. Any of the books very well may become your next favorite read.

Folk Horror

These atmospheric tales feature natural settings and usually incorporate elements of folklore.

Holiday Romances

Winter holidays are the perfect background for romantic sparks to fly.

Irish-American Heritage Month

Discover a variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction, about the Irish in America and also penned by Irish-American authors.

Ji Hae’s Picks

Ji Hae loves to peruse cookbooks and food memoirs and has a personal interest in books on the American immigrant experience.

Kim’s Picks

Kim has a preference for nonfiction, particularly history, science and and nature, communication, and issues around civil rights.

Kristin’s Picks

A fan of literary fiction, poetry, memoirs, and short stories, Kristin has led the library’s fiction group for well over a decade.

Musical Novels

Check out these books in which music or musicians figure prominently.

National Humor Month

Did you know that April is also National Humor Month? In honor of it, we’ve put together some books to make laugh until you cry.

PSRC Library Reads – May

Every month, librarians share books they are excited about with the members of the Princeton Senior Resource Center.

Nora’s Picks

Nora watched a lot of odd, dark fantasy films during her formative childhood years, leading to a love of speculative fiction.

PSRC Library Reads – April

Every month, librarians share books they are excited about with the members of the Princeton Senior Resource Center.

PSRC Library Reads – July

Every month, librarians share books they are excited about with the members of the Princeton Senior Resource Center.

PSRC Library Reads – June

Every month, librarians share books they are excited about with the members of the Princeton Senior Resource Center.

Put Your Dukes Up

Check out some of these selections, featuring some memorable rakes, rogues, dukes, and duchesses.

Read It and Eat

Pair your reading with an ideal recipe, cookbook, or food-related resource.

Road Trip Reads

Enjoy these mostly fictional stories of families, individuals, friends, and more striking out on the road.

Andrew’s Picks

Andrew has a soft spot for works that explore that explore the absurd and irrational aspects of the human condition.

A Fine Romance

There’s someone for everyone, or so they say. Enjoy this collection of older and newer titles this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Strange Schools

Sometimes, education goes beyond reading, writing, and all the rest. These stories for adults feature unusual educational systems.

Unreliable Narrators

Readers often believe that they can trust the narrator, but that’s not always the case.

Winter Reads

Grab a mug of cocoa and settle down with one of these wintry titles.

Women in Historical Fiction

A sampling of historical fiction that features strong female leads, some inspired by real-life heroines throughout the centuries.

Women in Translation

August is Women in Translation Month, a time to both celebrate and read works in translation by women authors.

Yule Flip!: Holiday Stories

Enjoy these stories full of wintry settings, heartwarming family gatherings, icy battles, delectable drama, and true love.

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