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Author: Nora Walsh

Nora, an Adult Services Librarian at PPL, loves fantasy and speculative fiction, old movies, 19th-century British literature, memoir, and the occasional work of contemporary fiction.

New to you

A person is reading on the floor surrounded by books, candles, and a teapot

Working on the library’s service desks, I see plenty of people who are very aware of new and forthcoming books, particularly fiction, and add their names to multiple hold lists […]

Connect and enjoy

The library’s mission is to engage, inspire, educate and unite everyone in our diverse community. We want to help you learn, work, and be entertained through all of our resources: […]

Paying attention

A map of North and South America emphasizing the Rockies and the Andes

I’m currently listening to the audiobook of John Green’s rather delightful The Anthropocene Reviewed, in which he reviews and rates aspects of our human experience, from our capacity for wonder, […]

Every two minutes

Every two minutes, someone is forcibly displaced. This staggering statistic was shared by husband and wife photojournalist team Daniel Farber Huang and Theresa Menders during the Sept. 22 discussion of […]

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Another kind of storytime

This won’t surprise you, but we’re big into storytelling at the library. I presume that, by now, you’ve noticed the books, but we also share stories through our film and […]

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