Tastes of the season

In the spring I wrote about some dream food scenarios to enjoy the fine weather; now that we’re into the colder seasons, I begin to fully commit to my bread lifestyle and, like many people, I crave hearty, comforting foods and desserts with a little spice in them, like my mom’s molasses cookies. These few months that encompass Thanksgiving, several major religious and cultural holidays, and multiple New Year celebrations are major culinary pillars. Whether you are a cook, a baker, a mixologist, or just an enthusiastic eater, I have no doubt that you have at least one food-related memory from this time of year. Food is at once so communal and so personal, and a scent or flavor can trigger a swirl of memories and emotions. 

Since the library, too, is at once communal and personal, we think that sharing recipes makes perfect sense. Previously, we’ve collected recipes for our Welcoming Week celebration as a way to build community, and we’d now love to hear from you about holiday recipes that are near and dear to you. You can submit recipes here or stop by the library to fill out a recipe card, and let us know if there’s a story or special memory associated with it.

Even people who make the same type of food won’t make it the same way – secret ingredients, extra garlic, substitutions, and regional ingredients are just a few of the ways a recipe becomes your own, or your family’s special version. Don’t worry if your recipe isn’t fancy – a popular favorite in the family cookbook assembled by my cousin a couple of years ago was our beloved childhood snack of cheese-on-bread-in-the-microwave. You might be able to work out that recipe on your own.

Getting to know someone through food is a great gift. Our cookbook collection is full of delicious inspiration, and we encourage you to use it—and we hope you’ll also join us in trying out recipes from our community and sharing your own. Make it a new tradition!

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