Your summer reading soundtrack

For anyone who came of age in the 70s or mid-80s, there is a nostalgia that has launched a vintage audio resurgence: yacht rock. Maybe you caught members of New Yacht City performing at the library earlier in June, playing music that evoked a time when societal and political issues didn’t feel quite as dire as they do now. Songs in this category have a breezy, smooth California sound. Close your eyes and imagine yourself floating on a boat in a marina. Think of Kenny Loggins, The Eagles, Hall and Oates, Fleetwood Mac, Rupert Holmes, Michael McDonald and Steely Dan. And, while you’re at it, imagine those musicians as rivals and friends, hanging out in Los Angeles’s Marina del Rey, and you’ll have a better idea of how the term originated. Apparently, it stems from a 2005 comedy web series of the same name, which may easily be found on YouTube.

Picture it: lounging on a boat, book in your lap, and a suitable summer soundtrack piping in the background. Let the library help make it happen. Sign up for “All Together Now,” this year’s summer reading for all the members of your family – adults, teens, and kids. We’ve got options for everyone. Adults can pick up a scratch-off card at either the first-floor Welcome desk or the second-floor Information desk. Entries are available in English or Spanish. Read three books corresponding to the category that is revealed, and turn in the completed card by August 15 to be entered into a grand prize drawing. 

In addition to a bilingual printed entry, teens and kids of all ages, have the option to complete their program online, using Beanstack. For teens and kids, take the 20-day challenge: read for at least 20 days to earn a virtual badge and prizes. For early reader participants, complete 15 of 20 early literacy activities to complete summer reading and earn prizes. 

With summer plans beckoning, now is the perfect time to plot your course. For adults who are looking for book suggestions, be sure to check out the staff-curated summer reading book lists. The Youth Services staff is also ready with suggestions. Be sure to check out their summer reading page

And, where would we be without a source for a soundtrack for summer reading and adventures? Visit our yacht rock collection for all ages on hoopla.

Photo by Jairph on Unsplash

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