The art around us

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, art is a “skill; its display, application, or expression.” And, it is all around us. We see it in the pages of books, on street corners and the sides of buses, on display in buildings and homes, and even create it ourselves. 

Libraries themselves are havens for art and Princeton Public Library is no different. Everywhere I look at PPL, I see art. Each book cover present on the shelves has been designed to tell a story and draw the reader in. Those books are then picked and plucked by librarians into an artistic and thoughtful book display. Then, when you open one, you encounter the art and creativity of each line on each page of the story.

The Sands Library Building itself is a work of art, from the three-story, glass staircase to the towering brick walls, complete with an iconic open book skylight. The architecture and carefully placed shelves and desks provide a welcoming place for our community. 

And, if that wasn’t enough, our art exhibits, both permanent and rotating, are prominent features of each floor. You can begin with the Happy World Mural on the first floor, then travel upstairs to explore the Princeton Stories tiles on the second. Then, it’s onto the third floor where you can find Louis the Trumpeter Swan and many more. Currently on exhibit on the second floor is Spring Hue by Mukti Belahal (through April 30) and HerStory in Stitches: Quilts by the Princeton Sankofa Stitchers Modern Quilt Guild (through March 30). 

Working day after day, surrounded by this art is inspiring. But my favorite is the art I see being created by our community members each time I walk the floors. I see people sketching, typing and writing; reading, listening and watching. The study rooms are occupied by colleagues in meetings and the third floor is full of classmates working on school projects. At Princeton Public Library, it is our mission to engage and inspire and being part of that mission is a gift.

Photo by Arthur Franklin on Unsplash.

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