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A Place for Fact-Based Dialogue


Location: 1st Floor – Exhibits Area

Date: Feb. 28 – Apr. 3

We all search for information every day. But how do we know where to begin? How do we know if that information is reliable?

Visit the exhibit to learn more about how Princeton Public Library can connect you with trustworthy information every day.

In Stitches: Joyful & Tactile Meditation

Location: Second Floor Tech Center

Date: Dec. 2 – Feb. 28

Lifelong maker Kyle Burkhardt has sewn her own clothing and bags by machine for years. Intrigued by the charming appeal and convenient portability of embroidery, she started stitching pre-printed kits by hand five years ago. Kyle discovered that embroidery is a joyful, tactile form of meditation: rhythmic, relaxing, and stress-relieving. This work ranges from traditional sashiko (Japanese embroidery) to updated stitching with a delightful twist, and in styles ranging from chunky threads to detailed pieces.

A New Jersey native, Kyle has worked at Princeton University for over 12 years. Follow her on Instagram at @vacuumingthelawn.

Sinking In: Pursuing Facets of Depth

Location: Second Floor – Quiet Reading Room, Second Floor – Hallway

Date: Dec. 2 – Feb. 28

Susan DeConcini is an artist living in Lambertville, New Jersey. She primarily works as a Scenic Artist, painting theatrical sets at McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ. As someone who can be called on to paint anything at any time, she spends hours outside of work, studying the world around her. Often, when traveling, she likes to do quick little watercolors in a sketchbook. About her waterscape series she says: “I like to paint everywhere I go. It captures the mood and energy of the place. In these sketches, I’ve always felt water has eluded me. I was never able to capture it well. I started this series in an effort to improve on my waterscapes. The best way to improve is to practice.” She starts in small scale – sometimes as small as 3”x3” – and works up. She has done similar series with clouds and leaves.

Susan has had several individual shows in the area. Earlier this year, she displayed her cloudscapes and waterscapes at Small World Coffee in Princeton. She has participated in Garden State Watercolor Society’s 2018 and 2019 Juried show, as well as this year’s Member Show. She has displayed a show of her Autumn Leaf Portraits at the Boro Bean in Hopewell. Her waterscapes and cloudscapes were most recently displayed at the Cobblestone Creek Country Club.

You can follow her, or see more of her artwork on her website at www.SusanDeConcini.com, or follow her on Instagram @SusanDeConcini

Wetland to Woodland

Art piece by Mary Waltham

Art piece by Susan HoenigLocation: Second Floor – Quiet Reading Room, Second Floor – Hallway, Second Floor – Tech Center

Date: Mar. 1 – May 30

Wetland to Woodland is an exhibition by two Princeton-based eco-artists, Mary Waltham and Susan Hoenig. The works on display ask viewers to consider afresh these two distinctly different but interrelated ecosystems, each of which combats climate change.

The artists have worked together to present works reflecting a connection to and inspiration from wetland and woodland respectively, using a range of visual media and methods.

Materials collected from selected sites, such as wetlands muds and ink derived from tree nuts, are incorporated in some of these works to express and enhance the portraits of site or species.

The artists share an urgent concern with the numerous ways in which the climate emergency is affecting our wetlands, our woodlands and inevitably, all of our lives.

Mary Waltham

Online catalog of Wet~lands work




Susan Hoenig


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