Local Author Day Events

April 30 and May 1, 2021


Jane Friedman: Today’s Key Book Publishing Paths: Traditional, Self, and Everything in Between

Friday, April 30, 6:30 pm. Click here to access the event recording on Crowdcast

Over the last decade, the publishing industry has undergone tremendous evolution due to the growth of online retail and digital books, as well as the power of any author to publish and distribute their work at the click of a button. But an increasing number of options has led to increasing confusion among writers. Which path is going to work best for you? In this session, Jane helps you understand the pros and cons of every major publishing path available: traditional publishing; small presses, micro-presses, and digital-only presses; “hybrid” publishing; and all forms of self-publishing and e-publishing practiced today. Jane Friedman is a full-time freelancer and has 20 years of experience in the publishing industry. She is the author of “The Business of Being a Writer” and co-founder of The Hot Sheet, the essential publishing industry newsletter for authors, which was named 2020 Media Outlet of the Year by Digital Book World.


Margaret Montet: The Charms of Writing

Saturday, May 1, 11 am. Click here to access the event recording on Crowdcast

Most writers are able to narrate a linear story, but the trick to adding reader interest is weaving in relevant memoir, research, conversation, and anecdotes. Think of the narrative as a bracelet and these additions as its charms. By examining examples from classic travel literature, writing from prompts, and identifying sources of reliable information, participants will practice integrating new threads into the fabric of their narrative. Presenter Margaret Montet, a librarian of 23 years and a travel writer, will share some tips for efficient online and print research using library resources. She is the author of the forthcoming Nerd Traveler, a collection of travel essays.


Karen Hodges Miller: Authorpreneurship

Saturday, May 1, 2 pm. Click here to access the event recording on Crowdcast

Authorpreneur: A writer who understands that a successful author in today’s market must work diligently, every day, to promote their books and their brand to the reading public. The day of the self-published author is here to stay. The number of authors who are self-publishing has increased over 400,000 per year for the past four years. Over 1.5 million new books were self-published last year. KDP, Amazon’s direct publishing service, produces the vast number of these books. Most of their services are free, making it easy for anyone to publish a book without putting up any money. That means that many would-be authors think they can do it all themselves at no cost. But as the competition increases, the more difficult it becomes for readers to find new authors. Author Karen Hodges Miller gives you advice on how to become a successful authorpreneur in today’s competitive publishing market. Karen Hodges Miller is CEO and publisher at Open Door Publications, a company which specializes in helping authors navigate the world of publishing in the 21st century

Networking Sessions

Registrants will have an opportunity to network with other authors and interested persons in these Zoom sessions, which will be set up to offer breakout rooms focused on different writing and publishing topics for casual discussion and networking. Participants will be able to move among the breakout rooms during each session. Planned breakout room themes are listed below.

Friday, April 30, 5 pm, Cocktail Hour Networking.

  • Mentorship, writing groups, beta readers
  • Poetry – general chat
  • YA – general chat
  • Social media

Saturday, May 1, 10 am, Coffee and Conversation Networking. 

  • Children’s – general chat
  • Publishing in anthologies, magazines, and journals
  • Adult fiction – general chat
  • Crime fiction, mystery, and thriller

Saturday, May 1, 3 pm, Afternoon Tea Networking.

  • Self publishing
  • Finding an agent, pitching
  • Memoir
  • Sci fi, fantasy, and horror

Author Readings

Enjoy readings from a selected sampling of authors representing children’s fiction and adult fiction and nonfiction. A full playlist is available on the library’s YouTube page, or you can jump directly to the authors’ virtual booths to view the readings and access more information about their books.

Charlene Goddard (children’s fiction)

Ellen LaCorte (adult fiction)

Beth Lennon, a.k.a. Mod Betty (travel)

Dr. Mark McLaughlin (memoir, self-help)

Dr. Sunita Merriman (poetry)

Dr. Myra L. Weiner (memoir)


We want all speakers and participants to enjoy a welcoming, safe, and enjoyable experience. We will expect all attendees and presenters to comply with the Princeton Public Library’s Code of Conduct and to maintain an atmosphere of respect and fairness. Anyone who violates this standard of behavior, including engaging in harassment, will be immediately removed from the event.