Learn a new language this fall

Life during the pandemic can feel uneven. Some of us are busier than ever, while others have more time on our hands than before, whether it’s because of reduced work hours, nonexistent commutes, or canceled social activities. One of the best ways I’ve found to keep a hopeful perspective on the future is to learn a new language. Languages can be keys to opening new doors and opportunities, keeping you mentally active and even giving you an edge when applying for jobs.

Cantonese, a Chinese language spoken by over 70 million people, is what I’ve been learning, thanks to Princeton Public Library’s language learning resources. There are many useful audiobooks on Hoopla, where you’ll also find resources for learning other languages, including the highly regarded Pimsleur series. Mango, a web-based language learning system easily accessed with your library card, offers a surprisingly wide range of languages, from Cherokee to Czech, and from Indonesian to Igbo.

Looking to brush up on a language you studied in the past? Rosetta Stone, available to all New Jersey public library cardholders, lets you choose the level of language lessons to begin.

If you are learning English, our English conversation groups, offered three times each week on Google Meet, are welcoming communities of adults who gather virtually to learn new vocabulary words, practice their pronunciation and get to know each other with the help of a volunteer facilitator.

To work on English conversation pronunciation, and vocabulary, check out these resources. To focus on grammar, browse this list. And, if you speak Spanish or Chinese, you can also check out this list of English learning resources specifically for Spanish speakers, and this list for Chinese speakers.

We hope you’ll agree that there’s no time like the present to expand your world (from the comfort of your home) by learning a new language.

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