Genre: Science/Nature

Earth Day is Every Day

Books for children all about discovering the joy of nature and cultivating a desire to care for the planet.

Nature Explorers!

A list of recommended books and online resources to inspire families to get outside and explore the natural world.

Climate Action for Teens

Books for teens about our planet, climate change, and environmental movements as well as stories of teens taking action.

Earth Day

Earth Day builds awareness of global environmental issues, promotes sustainability, and encourages actionable steps.

Kim’s Picks

Kim has a preference for nonfiction, particularly history, science and and nature, communication, and issues around civil rights.

Native Plants

The New Jersey State Assembly passed a joint resolution on March 30, 2023, to officially designate April as Native Plants Month.

Women in STEM

Discover just a handful of the women and girls who have made great discoveries and continue to shape the world today.

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