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See Specifics section of the full entry to explore all options for viewing historical and more recent issues of the Packet and its predecessors. Currently, there is no single digital source for accessing all back issues of the Packet.


  • Use Papers of Princeton, a digitized archive of local Princeton newspapers, to search the earlier years of the Princeton Packet, when it was called Princeton Whig, Princeton Press, and Princeton Standard among other titles.
  • Dates included in Papers of Princeton are 1834 to 1870 with huge gaps. See the database for specific years and issue dates that are currently viewable. More dates will be added in the future
  • Use the Local Newspaper Index, a Princeton Public Library initiative, that indexed the Princeton Packet and Town Topics for selected years with limited coverage. Citations only, particularly good for searching for obituaries.
  • Search the more recent archives, 2000-2015 on the Princeton Packet website.
  • More recent issues can be found here.
  • Read the current issue.
  • Microfilm, from 1839 to present is available to view in the library. See Princeton and Local History: A Resource Guide for more complete information about the library’s microfilm holdings.
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