Zombies, zombies and more zombies

Have you jumped on the zombie-craze bandwagon yet? If not, Halloween season is the perfect time to get started. Even if you are an undead afficionado, the following list contains even more great thrills to read, watch, and listen to – all of them available here at the Princeton Public Library!


The Returned by Jason Mott – This new release offers a slightly unconventional view of undead. Rather than returning full of bloodlust and cravings for human flesh, the deceased come back and attempt to assimilate into normal lives. As the number of returned increases societal concerns are brought to the forefront while individuals grapple with their own conflicting emotions.

The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman – Available in both regular and graphic novelizations, Kirkman’s books follow various groups of survivors as they fight to stay alive in post-zombie-apocalypse Georgia. His works were the inspiration for the currently popular TV series.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith – A parody of the classic novel, this very original work reimagines the love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy  occurring amidst a zombie outbreak.

World War Z by Max Brooks – Told in multiple voices, this novel (and inspiration for the movie) recounts the effects of a zombie pandemic throughout different parts of the world and sectors of society.

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks – From the author of “World War Z” comes a handy guide for surviving an undead uprising. Covering everything from proper weapons and defense techniques to the best places to seek shelter, its serious treatment of the subject makes the apocalyptic scenario seem almost real.

Zombies vs. Unicorns (short stories) – Injecting a bit of humor into a usually grim subject, this collection of twelve short stories seeks to tackle the question, “Are zombies better than unicorns?” The only surefire way to find out is to read on!

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion – In a departure from most zombie novels this book (now a movie as well) considers what might happen if the undead began to redevelop living human feelings such as empathy and love.


28 Days Later – This classic film, released well before the current wave of zombie popularity, follows a group of British survivors four weeks after a deadly plague (the “rage” virus) sweeps through the British Isles. As humanity attempts to reassert itself amidst the rubble the bedraggled survivors seek a safe place to rebuild.

28 Weeks Later – A followup to “28 Days Later”, seven months have now passed since the “rage” virus annihilated much of the U.K. Deemed safe after a lengthy quarantine, reconstruction begins. However, the virus is not so easily overcome and tragic events unfold that throw the world back into war with the undead.


Dawn of the Dead – In the face of a newly emerging zombie virus an assortment of citizens barricade themselves in a suburban shopping mall to wait out the chaos. Backlit by the horror outside we see the relationships between surviving humans being tested.

I Am Legend – This highly suspenseful thriller chronicles the life of scientist Robert Neville, one of the planet’s last surviving humans. The pandemic Neville seeks to cure has left many infected with a strange virus that causes violent behavior, bloodlust, and, most chillingly, leaves some intelligence intact.

Zombieland – This feel-good movie throws together a group of strikingly different survivors (a neurotic geek, a tough guy, and a pair of deceptively street-smart sisters) as they search for a haven untouched by the zombie plague. In the process they learn that happiness can be found in the most unlikey places.

World War Z – This highly anticipated film (directed by and starring Brad Pitt) follows a former United Nations investigator as he travels the globe seeking a cure for a recent zombie outbreak. It is the first in what will be a series of movies based loosely on the book.

Warm Bodies – Think you know everything about the zombie-human dynamic? Well, things get complicated when a teenage zombie gets caught up in the affairs of a human girl and she isn’t what’s for lunch. Their unorthodox relationship also has interesting implications for the whole zombie population, making this a more optimistic look at the zombiepocalypse. (Also a book.)

The Walking Dead (tv series) – This smash-hit series is currently in its fourth season on the AMC network. Inspired by Robert Kirkman’s novels, the show follows former police officer Rick Grimes as he leads a ragtag group of survivors towards safety and, hopefully, a cure for the rampant “walker” virus.

Shaun of the Dead – In this humorous parody a duo of unmotivated couch-potatos are thrown into leadership roles as they attempt to save their family and friends from zombies. Making their last stand in the friendly neighborhood dive bar, the misfits’ strategy, marksmanship, and friendship are put to the test.

Believe it or not, these are just a handful of the many zombie-related materials here at the library. For a complete selection simply search our catalog for more books, movies, audio, and video games. And don’t forget – aim for the head!

(Flickr photo by JeepersMedia, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.)

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