You’re uncommonly beautiful

In photographer Karen Walrond’s talk for TEDxHouston  she shared her rules for photography and life: “Look for the Light.” Her rallying cry is, “I’m wildly convinced you’re uncommonly beautiful,” and often when people come into the library, I am reminded of that: every last one of you is a shining prism of your life and experiences and that is a thing of wonder and beauty. And guess what – we have something here for you.

One of the incredible things about libraries is that they are one of the few institutions where everyone is welcomed and we work actively to offer materials and programming that will  educate, divert, entertain and simply be of interest to each and every one.

“I believe that the thing about us that might be a little weird about us, that we might try to hide from other people, maybe the thing that other kids made fun of us for when we were kids, that actually is the source of our beauty and it might even be a superpower, if we use it for good and not evil…” – Karen Walrond

Taking into consideration the beauty that is best seen through the ways we differ from one another, I’ve created a short booklist. If there is something that you recommend I would love to hear about it!

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