Wrinkling time

Summer has blown by. How time flies. This summer, I took a closer look at the past, time travelling across the Princeton University campus on a whirlwind gargoyle-spotting tour with the Library’s Youth Services staff. We spotted this fellow high up on the reading room wall at Firestone Library. He reminds me of a goggled aviator, exploring worlds in his books.  

You’re invited to check out this late summer list of time travel goodies in our collection. You don’t have to be a science fiction fan to enjoy a good time travel story. Explore fiction (read or listen) and some favorite viewing materials.

If you’re curious about the stone grotesques, who date back to 1879, read more about the campus gargolyes.  In the meantime, I’m queuing up the Doctor Who reruns to time travel from my own big comfy couch.

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