When you’ve got the Creativebug…

I’m sure we can all agree that life can quickly become busy and overwhelming. Between wedding planning and graduate school, any extra money I have lately is spoken for, which makes trying to personalize and decorate my new home a bit challenging. Thankfully, the library has just begun to offer free access to Creativebug, a database that has helped to transform my reality. Creativebug has provided me with tutorials for how to cut a mat and frame my own art; create pillow covers and wall hangings; and how to reupholster furniture. There are even videos on personalizing your own dishes.

Through Creativebug, community members have access to blog posts and video tutorials on a number of topics from sewing, quilting and knitting, painting, home decor DIY, and jewelry making. Alongside the 1000+ art and craft classes, you can easily find inspiration for new and innovative ways to host parties your guests will never forget. As the maid of honor for a cousin’s bridal shower, I was thrilled to find cake decorating ideas, pie crust-making tutorials and DIY decoration videos.

Take my word for it, there is something for everyone and every aspect of life. For library cardholders, Creativebug can easily be accessed from the comfort of your own home by visiting the library’s database page. For non-cardholders, all library databases can be accessed from any of our public computers inside the library. Just visit the information desk for assistance.

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