Summer picks

First, it was Oprah; Now, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker. What can these two celebrities possibly have in common? The same passion that troves of the library’s community share – a love of books. Both Hogarth publisher Molly Stern and the American Library Association are banking on the star power of SJP to provide extra sizzle to the reputations of selected contemporary authors. With her appointment of editorial director of her own imprint (named SJP), the actress was also tapped by ALA as honorary chair for their new initiative, Book Club Central. Her inaugural selection for this new resource for book clubs, “No One is Coming to Save Us” by Stephanie Powell Watts, has been billed as a “Great Gatsby reboot,” and is sure to get a boost in readership.

With a long holiday weekend ahead, and summer at its finest, the library has also come up with some great selections to fill the hours spent in a hammock or a beach chair. Coming July 11 is “Hello Sunshine” by Laura Dave. A quintessential light summer read, hopping from Manhattan to Montauk, Sunshine Mackenzie, a YouTube culinary star is exposed as a sham and is forced to return to her former life and make a new start. Debut novelist Angelica Baker’s “Our Little Racket” takes us to the world of the backstabbing, gossipy, scandalous circle of women surrounding the fallen investment bank CEO Bob D’Amico in Greenwich, Connecticut. Touted as “Me Before You” meets “One Day”, Jill Santopolo’s “The Light We Lost” follows Lucy and Gabe, who meet in their senior year at Columbia, over the course of a decade as they step into and around each other’s orbit.

Looking for more ideas? Check out our book suggestions page. And, stop by the welcome desk to take a look at some of our staff picks (find individual staff lists here). We’ve got some unique selections, along with personalized readers’ bios to make it easier to identify which staff members might share your own reading tastes.

Photo of woman in hammock courtesy of creative commons.

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