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So you live here, work here, maybe you even walk the streets daily, but how much do you really know about Princeton? As you may have guessed, the Princeton Public Library has a wealth of information about this fine place we all know and love. Did you know there are even several murder mystery books set right here in town?

On the library's second floor is the Princeton Room, a space dedicated to all things Princeton, including old maps and phone directories, legal documents, biographies of notable residents, and much more. From historical gems to pleasure reading, the following list highlights some of the most interesting materials in our Princeton Collection.

Legendary Locals of Princeton, New Jersey

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Legendary Locals of Princeton, New Jersey

– See more at:,_new_jersey#sthash.fnHMNyxS.dpuf

Legendary Locals of Princeton, New Jersey

– See more at:,_new_jersey#sthash.fnHMNyxS.dpuf


Legendary Locals of Princeton by Richard D. SmithWhat do Albert Einstein, Ethan Hawke, and the Menendez brothers have in common? At some point they all called Princeton home. This book discusses these and many more of the town's famous inhabitants.

Princeton (Then and Now) by Richard D. SmithThis charming book compares historical and contemporary images of Princeton, making it evident that though many things have changed, much has remained the same.

Princeton: America's Campus by W. Barksdale MaynardThis hefty volume delves into Princeton University's cultural and architectural history from 1750 to the present. To add to the experience why not read it while on campus grounds?

Princeton: History and Architecture by Marilyn MenagoThough the University is a well-known landmark and focal point, the surrounding town of Princeton has its own unique story. This book explores the history and architecture that grace the town.


The Rule of Four by Ian CaldwellAs two Princeton undergraduates attempt to unravel the mysteries of a centuries-old Italian manuscript a fellow researcher is murdered, setting into motion a heart-stopping chain of events.

Dancing With Einstein by Kate WennerA young girl bonds with her father's eccentric colleague and friend, Albert Einstein, in 1950s Princeton. Later in life she returns home to confront her past and discovers her father's diary.

The Princeton Murders by Ann WaldronThe first of this series introduces McLeod Delaney, a newly hired English professor at Princeton University. When several members of the department are killed, foul play (and an intellectual grudge) is suspected.

Where are the Tigers? by Mandy Lee BermanIn this endearing story for children, young Freddie tags along for his parents' Princeton University reunion. His mission? To find out where the "real" tigers are.

Stop by and explore these items, and browse the shelves on the second floor in the library's Princeton Collection. Ask a librarian to learn more!

Explores the architectural and cultural history of Princeton University from 1750 to the present. – See more at:

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