PrincetonPL’s new catalog

Seven words come to mind when I think of the new PrincetonPL online catalog. “It’s personal,” first. Then the action words begin to pop into my mind, since doing is at the heart of what you’ll come to the new website and catalog for: DiscoverCommentRateCreateConnect. The PrincetonPL Web team first met up with our new BiblioCommons online catalog in 2010. We liked the easy to use, powerful search features and the great design. While I have been working to shape this handy finding tool for our collections, I’ve seen exciting changes as the BiblioCommons project blossoms into an interactive global network of 2,000,000 readers, viewers and listeners. Now it is time for the PrincetonPL community to weave the threads of your stories into our collection.

“What I do is me: for that I came” – Gerard Manley Hopkins

What can you do in BiblioCommons? Explore our great collections 24/7. Discover the newest additions and browse the shelves using the cool cover art sliders.

We want you to be social here. When you register your account, you join the BiblioCommons library communities, from New York Public Library, Boston Public Library, Seattle Public Library, Edmonton Public Library, and all points between, as you comment and rate the items on your shelves.

Create lists of books, movies, and music. Keep your own lists of what you have read and what you want to read. Make them private or share them with the world. We’ll create lists of staff picks, and we’ll be on the lookout for your picks as well. If you want to share books, movies, and music with friends on social media, you can do that too.

We can’t wait to see and hear what Princeton brings to the tapestry. We hope to spark many discussions and collaborations. Connect and enjoy our new catalog and website.

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