Not listening to a book? Inexcusable

If you haven’t heard Tina Fey talking about her dad, Don and the use of the word, “inexcusable,” in the audiobook version of her bestselling “Bossypants,” you are missing comic brilliance. The combination of a stellar narrator and a great story has the capacity to affect and entertain, sometimes more than mere reading. Good storytelling relies on cadence, rhythm, timing, and, of course, a compelling tale. Listening adds an entirely new dimension to the user experience. June 5 marks the announcement of this year’s winners of the annual Audie Awards, the Oscars of the Audio Publishers Association. “Bossypants” is a finalist in both the Biography/Memoir and Humor categories. For the complete list of finalists, visit the Audie website. The next time you’re in the library, check our shelves for some noteworthy contenders including:

Seriously … I’m Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres, read by Ellen DeGeneres.
The stand-up comedian, television host, best-selling author and actress candidly discusses her personal life, her professional career and describes what it was like to become a judge on American Idol.

Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva, read by Simon Vance.
After failing to stop a suicide bomber attack in London, master art restorer and assassin Gabriel Allon is summoned by the CIA and is faced with an organization riddled with dissent–and ill-equipped to deal with the deadly new face of global jihadist terror.

The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee, read by Stephen Hoye.
A stunning combination of medical history, cutting-edge science, and narrative journalism that transforms the listener’s understanding of cancer and much of the world around them.

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett, read by Hope Davis.
Morality and miracles, science and sacrifice set in the Amazon rainforest–a gripping adventure story and a profound look at the difficult choices we make in the name of discovery and love.

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