Falling forward

Ah summer, with its warm temperatures, beach days, ice cream cones, and evening barbecues. Can I share a secret? They just aren’t for me. Once the summer months hit, I immediately start wishing for fall. Everything fall. Fall weather, fall recipes, fall fashion, and most of all, fall books. Fall is traditionally when publishers release their most coveted titles, with more blockbusters and hardcovers offered during this time of year than any other. I’m already building my list of must-read books that are publishing in September and beyond, and you can, too. Here are some titles that are garnering a bit of book-people buzz. The great news: they are all on order in our catalog, so you can start placing your hold requests now!

“The Boy at the Keyhole” by Stephen Giles
This debut novel tells the haunting tale of a 9-year-old boy, Samuel, who has been left under the supervision of a rigid housekeeper on his family’s deteriorating estate in Surrey, England. His father has recently passed, and it’s been several months since he has seen his beloved mother, who apparently leaves in the middle of the night without saying goodbye to her son. Samuel has been told by the housekeeper that his mother left for America to manage finances after her husband’s death, but with no other correspondence but postcards, Samuel thinks otherwise and starts believing that the housekeeper murdered his mother. But with a story told through the lens of a child, what is the reader to believe? A page-turner and a great choice for fans of psychological thrillers.

“The Glass Ocean” by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White
If historical fiction is more your taste, delight in the next mystery by “Team W,” the author trio of “The Forgotten Room.” Their newest book is an intricate interweaving of three narratives – two set in 1915 and one in 2013 – into a single story propelled by the tragedy that is the fated Lusitania. In modern day, Sarah, a writer struggling to find the focus of her next best-selling book, embarks on a quest to investigate the life of her great-grandfather, a passenger on the ship. In a journey to the past, we meet Caroline, a wife eager to reconnect with her distant husband, and Tess, a con-artist eager to carry out a heist. Strong female characters, spies, a love story, and fluid writing provide all the elements for a fun fall read.

“The Lost Letters of William Woolf” by Helen Cullen
In what might be the one of the most charming book of the season, debut novelist Cullen offers a take on second chances while paying homage to the craft of letter writing. William Woolf is a veteran letter detective hired by the post office to track down envelopes that have incorrect zip codes, misspelled or imaginary street names, and all of the other reasons that a letter never arrives at its intended destination. Of course, along with these dead letters are the missed opportunities for communication and connection. One day, William comes across a letter addressed to “My Great Love,” signed “Winter.” Over the course of time, upon receiving more and more letters signed by this mysterious person, and struggling with his own marriage, he embarks on a life-changing journey to discover the source of the correspondence … and also a love story of his own.

Here’s another secret. Sometimes the library has advanced reader copies of books prior to release date, generously given to us by publishers so that we can read, review, and share the love for new titles. If there’s ever something that piques your interest, stop by the Welcome Desk and ask us about it. We might even have an advanced copy to give you to read, enjoy, and keep!

Cover image courtesy of Unsplash user Anete Lūsiņa.

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