Departures and arrivals

As the end of October nears, and the air takes a crisp turn, the feeling of something coming to a close has fallen upon us. A new year looms; the expected holiday shuffle. Where will we spend the holidays? Who will cook? Who will visit? Who will join us at the table?

The staff of the library is particularly interested in finding out who will join us at our table. With the departure of our executive director earlier this year, the search is on to find someone who will lead Princeton Public Library into the future. What does that future look like? Envisioning it is only possible by examining the present. The picture of the present is one of an organization that is, and always has been, focused on improving and enhancing the lives of the community members it serves. While we see many faces repeatedly, we also welcome new ones daily. We  value each person who appears in front of us, whether they are checking out items, attending programs or having a conversation with us.

Over the course of the last six months, the library has continued to thrive because of the employees and volunteers who give their time, talent and dedication to ensuring that nothing falls apart. It has also continued to thrive because of the community members who continue to walk through our doors. We remain thankful for every person who chooses to visit us. While the role of executive director remains vacant, the core of Princeton Public Library remains vibrant, motivated and sure of the role it plays every day in this community. Departures can be scary because of the inherent uncertainty, but arrivals are full of hope.

Photo courtesy of the author.

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