Crochet and Creativebug

Over the years, I have started and then abandoned countless projects, hobbies and creative endeavors. Anything that took real time and devotion in my busy, sometimes chaotic life quickly seemed insurmountable and unrealistic. But, I still longed for something fun and productive to do with my free time.

Then this past spring, I became inspired to learn to crochet when the library partnered in the community-wide “Yarn Blooming: A Fiber Arts Display.” During this time, community members and library staff created knitted or crocheted objects like flowers, bees, leaves and other spring-inspired designs that were then strung together and displayed around town for Mental Health Awareness month in May. The objects were so beautiful, and crochet seemed like the perfect fit for me.

As a library staff member, I have daily access to a whole “neighborhood” of craft books. I headed upstairs and started to browse. But just as I was trying to decide among the library’s many books on the subject, it hit me—the library also has an online resource for this very subject. Enter Creativebug

Creativebug is an online database where our cardholders can access over a thousand art and craft video classes on myriad subjects, from drawing and painting to cake decorating and party planning… and crochet. Using Creativebug, I was able to quickly master the basic crochet stitches and concepts and immediately began crocheting flowers. And it didn’t stop there. Once I moved past the beginner tutorials, I was able to find other videos on creating flowers. By the time the collection period was over, I had created 32 items for the community endeavor. 

Since the spring, I’ve delved into other projects and have turned my attention to creating items to give as gifts, like a blanket for a friend expecting her second child or a crochet elephant for my friend’s toddler.

As it turns out, crochet was just the hobby I needed. As someone who has long struggled with anxiety and ADHD, remaining focused and “unscattered” is a constant struggle. Crochet fit into my life perfectly and provided a constructive outlet for the nervous energy and hyperfixation. I work at the library, but I am also one of its most avid patrons, finding that it never fails to provide the resources I need right when I need them.

Photo by Imani on Unsplash

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