Community partner spotlight: US1 Poets/Delaware Valley Poets

The library’s relationship with DVP/US 1 Poets, an organization formed by the recent merger of two poet collectives, demonstrates the collaborative, creative spirit we value when working with community partners. Through the regular Poets at the Library program, which features two readers and an open mic, DVP/US 1 Poets has connected the library with readers from near and far and helped provide a platform for exploring different poetic styles, voices and themes. Even in the virtual format necessitated by COVID-19, Poets at the Library offers an intimate, dynamic environment for both readers and listeners.

We look forward to our ongoing relationship with DVP/US 1 Poets and the return of in-person readings. In the meantime, please visit the library’s calendar to attend Poets at the Library events online.

How long have US1 Poets/Delaware Valley Poets been in the Princeton area and when did you come together?

Delaware Valley Poets is the oldest poetry group in New Jersey; it was founded in 1952. US 1 has been here since 1973. Here is Dan Aubrey’s article from US 1 Newspaper and it provides a full history. We merged in April, 2021. Around 2000, US 1 hosted poetry readings the second Tuesday of every month and Princeton Public Library and Delaware Valley Poets joined us several years later. Since then, until the pandemic, we have held poetry readings at the library.

What is your primary area of focus?

Poetry. Poetry workshops, poetry critique groups, poetry readings and poetry publications.

With whom do you work most in the community?

Poets, writers – and everyone is invited.

What is something that you do that people might not know about?

Since the pandemic, we meet by Zoom – and now 20-25 people (some from as far away as Georgia and Quebec City join us virtually. We use break-out rooms with 5-7 people in each group and spend an hour or so discussing each other’s work. If you do not currently receive weekly emails from Lois Marie Harrod regarding these meetings and wish to, email us at to be added to our Zoom attendee list. Our reply email will include details about our critique sessions.

Is there any project or event that you are particularly excited about at the moment?

The upcoming launch party for the organization’s journal, “U.S. 1 Worksheets,”  on the afternoon of Nov. 7. To register to join the event, click here.*

Written in collaboration with Madeleine Rosenberg, public humanities specialist.

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