Community partner spotlight: Sustainable Princeton

To extend our community outreach, the library partners with the many municipal, non-profit, and business organizations that make Princeton such an extraordinary town. This month, we spoke with Jenny Ludmer, community outreach manager,  Sustainable Princeton.

Sustainable Princeton is a longtime, mission-aligned partner of the library. Libraries are inherently sustainable. We take the funds entrusted to us and do everything we can to purchase materials that can be utilized by the greatest number of people for the longest period of time. Sustainable Princeton has been a wonderful community partner. We have collaborated with them on the “Great Ideas” series of events and have supported their excellent work on Princeton’s Climate Action Plan. The library also supports the thoughtful way Sustainable Princeton works to bring people together so that sustainable projects can be moved forward successfully.

How long has Sustainable Princeton been in Princeton?

Sustainable Princeton was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2012.

What is your primary area of focus? 

Our mission is to inspire the community to develop and implement solutions that positively impact the environment.

Why do you like partnering with the library? 

The library is one of our most valuable partners, and we’ve worked with them in the past to host numerous community events. We also appreciate the inherent sustainability in PPL’s efforts to loan books and other materials to residents.

With whom do you work most in the community?

We work alongside residents, businesses, nonprofits and local government to make our community more sustainable.

What is something that you do that people might not know about?

We are working behind the scenes to create opportunities for our affordable housing residents to participate in renewable energy projects.

Is there any project or event that you are particularly excited about at the moment?

Our newest project, “Changing the Landscape: Healthy Yards = Healthy People,” is incredibly complex and dynamic. To support this project in creating an equitable change, we convened a steering committee of a multitude of stakeholders, including landscapers, concerned residents, health advocates and community leaders. It’s been exciting to understand both the lawn-care workers’ views and those of residents who are frustrated with the noise and air pollution created by gas-powered equipment. We hope that the process we are creating leaves no party unfairly impacted.Remember that your property is part of the natural eco-system. Stop by the Princeton Shopping Center on April 24 for our Sustainable Landscaping Mini-Expo to learn more about this topic.Photo Credit: Lauren Suchenski

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