Brighter days are beyond the stacks

The stay-at-home orders have been in place for close to two months and, in a way, it feels like it is only the beginning of a new reality. I worry about my health and safety of those close to me. I’m nervous to go to the grocery store and wonder if they will even have the things I need for the week. I get mad at myself when I’m not productive because I am just sitting at home. This experience has taught me the importance of giving myself a break. I don’t need to be productive every day, look my best or even feel my best. It’s about slowing down and finding peace in the quiet moments. 

For me, it’s the little things. A cup of coffee in my favorite mug, a lighthearted book and a warm breeze on a sunny day that bring me peace and make me feel like my old self. And yet, even on the darkest days filled with grief and anguish, sadness and fearfulness, I am filled with so much hope for the future. I have been witness to a car parade for my neighbor’s seventh birthday, have been greeted by drawings and fresh lemonade, made with love by the neighborhood children, and have enjoyed the sounds and sights of families playing outside. Despite the sadness and empathy I feel for those around me, I am grateful for these small moments of quiet reflection and quality time with my family. These occasions and time spent with them have shown me that, no matter how gloomy today is, there are brighter days to come. 

The adult services department has gone Beyond the Stacks to create a new resource page for time-wasters, fun activities and online resources. Topics range from virtual museum tours, live webcams and art instruction to technology services, puzzles and games. While coffee and books have helped me to cope, maybe you will find something on these pages to bring you comfort.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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