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Author: Katie Bruce

There’s more to the story(time)

A few years ago, I was regularly attending dance fitness classes a couple times a week. Each session I would arrive, change into my dancing sneakers, and let the instructor take the lead as I chasséd and pliéd the hour away. Most often I would leave without giving any thought to what went into planning […]

Wonderbooks are here

What I remember most clearly is the sound. It was a tinkly, bright, happy sound. Each time I heard it I would dutifully turn the page of my book and wait for the narrator’s voice to resume reading the story. As a child in the 1990s, I loved checking out the cassette tape/book combination kits […]

Rescued by library magic

“Stop! Stop it! Stop!” Last summer these sounds echoed from the backseat of my car whenever I took a local drive with my two kids, ages six and nine at the time. Suddenly they seemed unable to go on a 20-minute car ride anywhere without bickering, fighting, and generally annoying each other to the max. […]

More than a moment

The now-iconic bright yellow jacket and bold red headband; a young, Black girl reciting loudly and clearly for all to hear. As I perused my social media feeds on the evening of January 20th, one thing was abundantly clear: Amanda Gorman was having a moment. Poetry was having a moment. The National Youth Poet Laureate’s […]