Armchair travel

I admit it, I love to travel. If time and money were no object, I would be on the road exploring new parts of the world and seeking new adventures more than I would be home. But, alas that is a fantasy for another life. Instead, I look for other ways to satisfy my travel interests. 

I recently found this delightful travel narrative, “Le Road Trip,” as I walked by the library’s new book shelves. Author Vivian Swift, a lifelong traveler, chronicles her 2005 road trip to France with her new husband. But, this is no ordinary narrative. Billed as a journal, Swift’s hand set type and beautiful illustrations beautifully capture the essence of Paris and the French countryside. It is an engaging story that transported me to France for an evening, right from the comfort of my armchair.

The library has many wonderful travel narratives in its collection waiting for armchair travelers. If you’ve decided to plan a real trip be sure to explore our exceptional collection of up-to-date travel guides now located on the second floor next to the magazine collection. Our DVD collection includes many fine films that can transport you to an unexplored corner of the world or if you want to immerse yourself in a country’s culture check out one of our foreign films. 

There is a world waiting to be explored, right here at the Princeton Public Library.

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