And the winner is

We hosted salsa royalty at the Second Annual Salsa Slam on Aug. 15 and a grateful, salsa-loving public joined us and voted with their palettes. While salsa dancers stepped lively on Hinds Plaza, the salsa tasters sampled the wares of ten local restaurateurs or commercial food establishments and filled out ballots. Judges sat sagely in the back of the room scrutinizing each morsel.

When the spice dust settled, two winners were announced. The People’s Choice Award went to Masala Grill, with Mediterra the runner-up. When it came their turn, the judges kept us in suspense, announcing the two runners-up (Mediterra and Masala Grill) before crowning the Salsa Champion: Savory Spice Shop.

For those who had to leave before the announcement, here’s a who’s who of our entries:

1 Terra Momo- Mediterra  
2 Savory Spice Shop 
3 Princeton Soup and Sandwich Shop    
4 Zorba’s Brother       
6 Yankee Doodle Tap Room 
8 Olives    
9 First Field (Ketchup)
10 Rocky Hill Inn
11 Nassau Inn Catering Dept
12 Masala Grill 
(*Contestants 5 and 7 withdrew from the competition.)

If you have suggestions as to how to improve this annual event, the comments space is open. Please let us know.           

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