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Answer: Uncle Leo, Kenny Bania, Jack Klompus, Izzy Mendelbaum, and Bob Sacamano
Question: Who are five recurring characters on the long-running series Seinfeld? 

If you knew the answer — or even recognized one of the names — then you might enjoy the library’s second semi-annual Seinfeld Triva Contest, happening tonight (8/1/13) in the community room. There will be many Seinfeld-related door prizes and — this is our promise to you — no atomic wedgies. 

Whether you want to brush up on your trivia before the program or simply enjoy a few laughs, you can check out the complete run of Seinfeld on DVD, beginning with Season 1, Episode 1, “The Seinfeld Chronicles” and running through all 180 episodes. True to the ethos of the show, not much happens in the pilot episode. Jerry and George discuss the importance of the placement of the second button on a shirt. (If it’s too high, Jerry observes, “It’s in no-man’s-land, you look like you live with your mother.”)  Jerry tapes the Mets game and avoids all human contact until 1:00 in the morning to avoid learning the outcome, but  Kramer (named “Kessler” in the pilot), pops in asking to borrow some meat and casually mentions, “Boy, the Mets blew it tonight, huh?”, ruining Jerry’s watching of the game.

In addition to Kramer’s name, there are a few other significant differences in the pilot episode.  Elaine Benes was not yet conceived as a character, and Jerry and George grab coffee at Pete’s cafe — no “Monk’s” in sight. If that whets your appetite for a little more trivia, try your hand at these questions: (answers below)

  1. In the Hamptons, George prepares scrambled eggs filled with what?
  2. What designer steals Kramer’s idea for a beach-themed fragrance?
  3. What line does Kramer get in a Woody Allen movie?
  4. What is the name of George’s unemployment officer?
  5. George recognizes a homeless man on the steps of the NY Public Library as who?
  6. Kramer tries his hand at writing a screenplay entitled______________
  7. What legendary baseball star spotted in a Dinky Donuts “dunks, the way he hits.”
  8. Upon hearing that George wants to name his son “Seven”, what name does Jerry suggest to George might be “A pretty name for a girl?”
  9. Who reportedly drank Colt 45 from a can and would scream down the hall, “Come back to bed, Albert, you big hairy ape, and bring back that box of Danish!”?
  10. What phrase does George use in two different episodes when confronted with a woman who won’t get off the pay phone and a man who won’t look at his watch to give him the time?

If you got 8-10 right you have serious Seinfeld trivia game and can probably recite more than a few episodes from heart! If you got 5-7 right you know the difference between a bubble boy and a close talker. If you got 2-4 right, you may not watch the show, but have absorbed some Seinfeld knowledge through cultural osmosis. If you got 0-1 right, well, it’s strangely appropriate to know nothing about a show about nothing.


  1. Lobster
  2. Calvin Klein
  3. These pretzels are making me thirsty.
  4. Mrs. Sokol
  5. Mr. Heyman, George and Jerry’s sadistic high school gym teacher
  6. The Keys
  7. Joe DiMaggio
  8. Ketchup
  9. Kramer’s mother, Babs Kramer
  10. We’re living in a society!
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