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Staff spotlight: Kay Fuger

Here at the Princeton Public Library, we are lucky to have many exceptional employees who work hard to make visiting the library a memorable and joyful experience for every community member. One of my very favorite colleagues is Kay Fuger, who has worked at PPL for nearly ten years. Kay is in the Lending Services […]

Staff spotlight: Erica Messmer

I’m lucky to work at the library for many reasons, and one of those is that my employment here introduced me to my dear friend and colleague, Erica Messmer. I’m sure our regular customers have enjoyed many pleasant conversations with Erica at the first-floor Checkout Desk. Erica is a smart, ambitious, hard-working, and exceptionally competent member of the Lending Services team. […]

Staff spotlight: Ken Richardson

If you’re a regular customer here at the Princeton Public Library, you’ve no doubt been helped by the wonderful Ken Richardson at the first-floor checkout desk. Ken is patient, thorough, and routinely demonstrates exceptional customer service. He’s always the first person I go to when I have a question about something, and his positivity never […]

Leticia, surfing and smiling

Meet Leticia Braga, our customer service guru from overseas.  On any given day, you might hear her chatting in Portuguese with customers at the Check Out Desk.  Cheerful and curious, she brings out the best in her Lending Service co-workers.
Q: How long have you worked at the Princeton Public Library?

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Get to know Sonja

Meet Sonja Vloeberghs, the inexhaustibly positive and fun-loving manager of the Lending Services Department. Hailing from Hoboken, Belgium (a town made famous by the children’s story “A Dog of Flanders”), she’s ready at a moment’s notice to help patrons and employees alike.
Q: You’ve had many responsibilities at the library. What was your first job here?

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Our very own Urvashi

Meet Urvashi Dave, a welcome presence at the Check Out Desk and an organizational diva behind the scenes. Here’s what Urvashi has to share:
Q: How long have you worked at the Princeton Public Library?
A: Since September 2008.
Q: What do you like best about working in Lending Services?
A: I love working with people and I love books and reading. At PPL and especially in Lending Services we have a good team.

More about Barb

Barbara Ackerman, a long-time employee of the Lending Services Department, is well known for her book recommendations, her caring ways, and her song writing skills. But how many people know that Barbara is also a published author? Perhaps I was the last to learn this about her. Here is the second part of a two-part interview with Barbara.
Q: Can you tell us how your book, “Ask Angela,” came about?

Get to know us: Barb Ackerman

Meet Barbara Ackerman, whose keen sense of humor and charismatic demeanor work wonders at the Check Out Desk. With countless friends, a contagious laugh, and a wealth of wit, she makes coming to the library – and working at the library – downright fun. Here's what she has to say in the first part of a two-part interview.
Q: How long have you worked at the Princeton Public Library?