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Put your feet up

I live in a small house. And I'm not just saying that to garner sympathy. It's just a fact. My daughter recently referred to it as "dainty." It is one room wide, tall and deep, built shotgun style. Just for fun, I measured it: 13-feet-3 inches wide at the front narrowing to 8-feet-5 inches at the back which is about the width of a sofa. With tiny closets, a crawl space basement, an under the eaves attic and no garage, there is basically no useful storage space.

Read The New Yorker on your iPad

Since 2013, the library has offered access to Zinio, our digital collection of over 70 popular magazine titles, including The Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek, National Geographic Interactive, Shape, Newsweek, and Food Network Magazine.  Zinio magazines can easily be viewed on a computer or downloaded to a mobile device, free, with your library card.
For the past couple of years, the most popular question we have received about Zinio has been, "What about The New Yorker?"

Check out our digital magazines

In addition to ebooks, downloadable audiobooks, and digital music, we now offer a digital magazine collection of over 70 popular titles, including "The Economist," "Consumer Reports," "Elle," "Popular Photography," "Martha Stewart Living," "Bloomberg Businessweek," "Esquire," "Shape," "Newsweek," and "Food Network Magazine," that can be easily viewed on a computer or downloaded to a mobile device. And it's all free with your PPL library card.

Magazines to check out

Have you visited the second floor magazine collection lately? Have you searched the catalog for magazines? You can now browse the collection in Bibbliocommons, put magazines on hold, and best of all, check them out! As of May 7th, customers can check out most of our 300 titles, including our 2012 issues, except for the current issue.