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September book groups

Not hitting the textbooks this fall? How about joining one of the library’s book groups? From mysteries to politics, Spanish to fiction, to beer and books at The Tap Room, we’ve got you covered. Join us to discuss this month's fiction book group selection, "Salvage the Bones," on September 13th.

Books on beer and wine

Recently the library expanded its collection of beer books (as well as BBQ) in memory of former employee Chris Ducko, and there's a little bit for everyone. If you are curious about beer, a guide to all things beer and the many games that go along with it is available. If you enjoy food and grilling, Chef Ted Reader's companion book tells you how to taste and pair beers. Interested in making your own beer? We've got you covered with two books that include 100+ recipes.

She’s got Mass appeal

That would be Wendy Mass! Wendy is an amazing author who has a keen knack for writing for tweens. Her sixth sense in what appeals to them and what their experiences are is nothing short of uncanny. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Wendy since the first Princeton Children's Book Festival back in 2004. She has been a pleasure to know and to work with through these years.