Unique auction items confirmed for the 2019 Benefit …


This series of small events is hosted in private homes throughout the winter and spring, and feature award-winning authors, musicians, and other leaders in their fields. Limited seats are still available for purchase.

Victoria Riskin: “Fay Wray and Robert Riskin” on December 4 (SOLD OUT)

This is the tale of a Hollywood love story, a memoir of two of Hollywood’s most famous figures, whose golden lives were lived at the center of Hollywood’s golden age, written by their daughter, an acclaimed writer and producer. Fay Wray and Robert Riskin lived large lives, finding each other after establishing their artistic selves. It is a wonderfully vivid presentation of Wray and Riskin’s lives, their work and their fairy-tale marriage that ended so tragically. Join Victoria Riskin for an intimate dinner where she will discuss her new book, “Fay Wray and Robert Riskin” and take us on an intimate tour of one of Hollywood’s most remarkable love stories. This evening includes a copy of “Fay Wray and Robert Riskin.”

Wednesday, December 4 at 6 p.m. at the home of Nancy and Will Robins. This evening is limited to 12 guests.


First Chance: How Kids with Nothing Can Change Everything with Bob Carr on December 10 (SOLD OUT)

Princeton resident, business leader, philanthropist and author, Robert O. Carr, will discuss his latest book, “First Chance: How Kids With Nothing Can Change Everything.” The reality for young people considered least likely to attain a college degree: those who have experienced foster care have a three percent graduation rate and those who have experienced the incarceration of a parent, especially a mother, have a two percent graduation rate. Bob Carr has turned the focus of his college scholarship program to these forgotten kids; the program has granted more than 1,000 full-ride scholarships over 16 years. In his new book and at this very special evening, Carr shares their inspiring and triumphant stories. This evening includes a copy of “First Chance: How Kids With Nothing Can Change Everything.”

Tuesday, December 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Claire and David Jacobus. This evening is limited to 12 guests.


Christine Coulson, Behind the Scenes at the Met on January 20

Join us for an inside look at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Christine Coulson, a 25-year veteran of the Met, and author of “Metropolitan Stories.” Having started as an intern in the European Paintings Department, Coulson rose through the ranks and is currently the Senior Writer in the Department of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts. Relying on a mix of truth and fiction to capture the wonder that permeates the Met, her unique point of view on the secret life of art, the palpable history within the building, and the staff’s dependence on the objects, spins an unforgettable tale, sure to captivate readers. This evening includes a copy of “Metropolitan Stories – A Novel.”

Monday, January 20 at 7 p.m. at the home of Jo and Jim Butler. This evening is limited to 21 guests.


How to Survive the College Admissions Process with College Admissions Advisor, Jill Margaret Shulman on January 26

So, your child is a high school junior. You’ve heard other parents with kids older than yours whisper the word “college” like it’s a terminal disease. The process of surviving the college admissions process with a teenager is a daunting affair for many. Thankfully, Jill Margaret Shulman, a college admissions coach and empathetic parent, is here to be your fiercest ally. Her new book is a “chill pill, pep talk, and roadmap all in one.” In this very special “un-Evening,” Ms. Shulman will share her insights on the crazy ritual that college admissions has become and answer your burning questions on the process. You will also receive a copy of her book, “College Admissions Cracked: Saving Your Kid (and Yourself) from the Madness.”

Sunday January 26, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. in the Community Room of Princeton Public Library. Exclusive pre-sale of these tickets available to Beyond Words attendees. Continental breakfast will be served.


The History of the Universe: A Work in Progress with Matias Zaldarriaga on February 4 (SOLD OUT)

In recent decades, tremendous progress has been made in understanding the history of the universe, from its first instance to its current state 14 billion years later. Matias Zaldarriaga, professor of astrophysics and cosmology at the Institute for Advanced Studies, has been at the forefront of many influential and creative contributions to our understanding of the early universe, particle astrophysics, and cosmology as a probe of fundamental physics. In this talk, Professor Zaldarriaga will describe the history that has been uncovered and the measurements that underpin it. He will discuss some of the surprises that have been found along the way—and the attempts to solve these puzzles.

Tuesday, February 4 at 6 p.m. at the home of Carolyne Murff and Gregory Scholes. This evening is limited to 14 guests.


Kevin Kruse: “Fault Lines” on February 7 (SOLD OUT)

How and when did the United States become so polarized? Your answer likely depends on your age. You might say during Barack Obama’s presidency, or with the post-9/11 war on terror, or the “Reagan Revolution” and the rise of the New Right. For leading historians Kevin Kruse and Julian Zelizer, it all starts in 1974 with Watergate and the resignation of President Richard Nixon; the winding down of the Vietnam War; an energy crisis from the fallout from the OPEC oil embargo; and, desegregation busing riots in South Boston, when the nation faced our failing efforts to end institutional racism. Join award-winning Princeton University professor Kevin Kruse as he explores the origins of a divided America. The evening includes a copy of “Fault Lines: A History of the United States since 1974.”

Friday, February 7 at 7 p.m. at the home of Dina and Michael Shaw. This evening is limited to 30 guests.


HADESTOWN: Mara Isaacs and The Journey from Vermont to Broadway on February 18

“Hadestown” was the most-nominated production at the 2019 Tony Awards with 14 nominations, ultimately winning 8 Tony awards, including Best Musical. The musical intertwines two mythic tales — that of young dreamers Orpheus and Eurydice, and that of King Hades and his wife Persephone — as it invites you on a hell-raising journey to the underworld and back. Mara Isaacs, one of the show’s producers, will provide an insider’s view of the hit musical’s journey from its beginnings as a “DIY community theatre” production in Vermont to the bright lights of Broadway. This evening includes a CD of the Original Broadway Cast Recording of “Hadestown.”

Tuesday, February 18 at at the home of Kathy and Jamie Herring.


Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism with Anne Case and Sir Angus Deaton on March 4 (SOLD OUT)

Join renowned Princeton University economists, Anne Case and Sir Angus Deaton, as they lead us on a closer look at the “deaths of despair,” which refer to deaths from suicide, drug overdoses and alcoholic liver disease. Deaton received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2015 for his research on human welfare. Case is a prize-winning emeritus professor of economics and public affairs. Our esteemed speakers will investigate potential explanations as to why these types of deaths are currently on the rise, especially among white, working-class Americans without college degrees. The evening will explore the links between these deaths and economic inequality and the hypothesis that the many facets of American capitalism have contributed to these effects.

Wednesday, March 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Kiki Jamieson and Will Dove. This evening is limited to 20 guests.


Sam Wang: After “Super Tuesday” – Now What? on March 5

The 2020 presidential election may represent a turning point for our national form of government. The last two decades have been a period of unusually close national elections, the longest such run since the first Gilded Age. Will 2020 continue that streak, or break it? Who will control the House, the Senate, and the national agenda in 2021? Data-based analytics show where citizen efforts can make the greatest difference. Gain insights into these questions and more with Sam Wang, founder of the Princeton Election Consortium blog, Princeton professor, neuroscientist and author. Professor Wang, will lead a lively discussion about the election, just two days after “Super Tuesday.”

Thursday, March 5, 2020 at 7 p.m. at the home of Melanie Stein. This evening is limited to 32 guests.


Le déjeuner du dimanche en Provence chez Marsha Levin-Rojer le 15 Mars (March 15) (SOLD OUT)

Sunday luncheon in Provence has traditionally been a very festive meal — the main meal of the day and, sometimes, the week. Please come for a multi-course feast of some provençal favorites prepared by visual artist, Marsha Levin-Rojer, who will also share some of her paintings and sketchbooks from her proverbial year in Provence.

Sunday, March 15, 2020 at 1 p.m. at the home of Marsha Levin-Rojer. This luncheon is limited to 8 guests.


“The Woman in White” and the History of Anxiety with Jeff Nunokawa on March 24 (SOLD OUT)

Join renowned Princeton University professor Jeff Nunokawa for an animated discussion about Wilkie Collin’s “The Woman in White.” Originally published in 1859, the book is considered to be one of the first mystery novels written and one of the first “sensation novels,” a style of literature that peaked in popularity in 1860s/70s Great Britain. Professor Nunokawa specializes in English literature from about 1830 to 1900. His larger-than-life persona has gained him a cult following on campus. Professor Nunokawa is an exuberant and inspiring speaker and will have guests enraptured from the start.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 6 p.m. at the home of Suzanne Gespass and David Dobkin, co-hosted by Seva and Peter Kramer. This evening is limited to 24 guests.


Why the Civil War Still Matters with Jim McPherson on April 18

During this special evening, one of the nation’s leading Civil War historians, James McPherson, will explore why the war remains so deeply embedded in the national psyche and identity of Americans today. From racial inequality to questions of state sovereignty and the role of government in leading social change, McPherson argues that it is impossible to understand the issues of today unless we first understand their roots from the time of the Civil War. Join this Pulitzer-Prize winning author and historian, and Princeton treasure, for an engaging discussion in a historic home.

Saturday, April 18, 2020 at 6 p.m. at the home of Marcia and Bruce Willsie.


The Magic of Marquand Park Tour on May 3

In 1953, the Marquand family donated 17 acres of their estate, Guernsey Hall, to the municipality of Princeton to serve as an arboretum and passive recreation park. Once part of a 30-acre farm owned by Judge Richard Stockton Field, Marquand Park is home to more than 140 different tree specimens, some dating back more than 170 years! Join Roland Machold, former Marquand Park Foundation board member, and Andy Sutphin, Marquand Park Foundation board member, on a two-hour tour as they share the history of the property and highlight the native and exotic trees in the collection. Guests will also be shown the best blooms and most fragrant spring flora in the park.

Sunday, May 3, 2020, 2 p.m. This two-hour tour is limited to 20 guests.


Engineer, Agitator, Constructor: The Artist Reinvented with Jodi Hauptman, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) on June 4

Illuminating the essential role of women in avant-garde activities while mapping vital networks across Europe, this exhibition presents the social engagement, fearless experimentation, and utopian aspirations that defined the early 20th century, and how these strategies still reverberate today. Join Jodi Hauptman, Senior Curator, Department of Drawings and Prints at MoMA, and one of the organizers of this exhibit, for a very special behind the scenes look. Ms. Hauptman will discuss how these “engineers,” “agitators,” “constructors,” “photomonteurs,” “workers”—all designations adopted by the artists themselves—turned away from traditional forms of painting and sculpture, invented new visual languages and reimagined their roles to create a dynamic art for a new world.

Tuesday, June 4, 2020 at 7 p.m. at the home of Yamile Slebi and Omar Tellez. This evening is limited to 16 guests.



Pizza Party at Nomad

Nomad Pizza in the Princeton Shopping Center welcomes you and a group of 14 friends for a private party in their beautifully rustic and modern Princeton establishment. Whether for a child’s birthday party or a friendly gathering, everyone will enjoy Nomad’s delicious pizzas, fresh salads and flavorful Italian desserts. Reservations may be made for any meal Sunday through Thursday, or lunch commencing at 11:30 a.m. on Friday or Saturday. Kindly plan to provide Nomad two weeks notice.


Hopewell Valley Vineyards Wine Tasting

Become a wine connoisseur! Host a private wine tasting with five (5) friends at the scenic Hopewell Valley Vineyard. Relax in their lovely Tasting Room and treat your taste buds to new and delicious libations.


IAS Dinner and Rare Book Tour

While known as the world’s leading center for theoretical research and intellectual inquiry, the Institute for Advanced Study is also often referred to as the best restaurant in town! Four adults are invited to enjoy a five-course gourmet dinner, including wine, served in the Institute’s outstanding dining hall. There’s more – a tour of the Institute’s world-famous rare book collection with IAS librarian, Marcia Tucker. The collection features important scientific works in mathematics, astronomy, physics, and the life sciences.


Jammin’ Crêpes 20-Layer Crêpe Cake

Jammin Crêpes’ signature crêpe cake is the centerpiece of any event. And the famous cake can be the showstopper at your next holiday or party! Just imagine the taste of 20 layers of tender, sweet, handmade crêpes layered into a cake with your choice of fluffy house-made mousse. Spectacular!


Elegant East Hampton – A Week at the Beach

The Hamptons in Long Island, NY is a wonderful year-round getaway. This house sleeps 10, plus 4 in trundles, and is situated on a private acre of land in quaint East Hampton, NY. Enjoy seasonal activities and beautiful drives from the Hamptons to Montauk. Visit local museums and historical societies, farmers’ markets, parks, vineyards and the Montauk Lighthouse. Enjoy any of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches in East Hampton – all within 5-10 minutes of the house. There are also a number of public golf courses located nearby. The house has 6 bedrooms and 4.5 baths and is located within one mile of the East Hampton train station and Main Street. You will enjoy a recently renovated chef’s kitchen, well-appointed bathrooms and a finished basement that has a room with built-in bunk beds and trundles. There are indoor and outdoor dining spaces and a fenced-in pool for warmer months; the house is fully winterized for colder months. Linens are provided and there is a washer and dryer for your use. Wi-Fi is also available.


Virginia Getaway – A Week at a Historic Home on the Eastern Shore

Unplug for one week in 2020 with six guests, walk back in time and stay at a magnificent historic home on the Eastern Shore of Virginia! Situated on fifty acres overlooking the wetlands, the Atlantic Ocean, and barrier islands, this circa 1600s home played a role in the Revolutionary War – it even has a ghost story in the history books. This six-bedroom home offers amazing views of the wetlands and its local wildlife, with opportunities to kayak, fish, bird-watch, and explore. Sit by the fireplace, admire the original historical architecture in the home, or sample the delicious fruits of the property’s pomegranate and fig trees. You can hunt for vintage treasures at the Blue Crow Antique Mall, take an eco tour around the barrier islands, or partake in a local oyster roast. There is no TV or microwave – but with so much natural beauty and history to explore, you won’t miss it. The house sleeps seven, and guests will have access to a renovated guest house, an adult and child bicycle, five kayaks, a fishing rod, and crab pots. There is a washer and dryer available, and linens and towels will be provided. Wi-Fi available.


Maine Chance – A Week in Woolwich

For one week in 2020, enjoy this four-bedroom house on Montsweag Bay, Maine overlooking Oak, Pine, and Westport Islands. Located in Woolwich, midway between Bath and Wiscasset, the house is close to other towns such as Brunswick, Damariscotta, and the Boothbays. Enjoy day trips to the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, or Five Islands Lobster Company. Enjoy a lobster dinner on the deck, or swim from a float. Use our kayak to travel to and examine the bald eagle’s nest on Oak Island, or enjoy one of the wonderful boat cruises to coastal lighthouses offered by the Maine Maritime Museum. There are challenging yet scenic golf courses close by in nearby Bath and Brunswick, and the ocean beaches at Popham or Reid State Park are just 30 minutes away. The house sleeps seven, and is fully winterized. A large master bedroom and bathroom were added in 2017. The kitchen has been renovated recently, and is fully equipped. There is a washer and dryer for your use, and all towels and linens are provided. An enclosed outdoor shower on the deck has a panoramic view of the bay for your bathing pleasure. It is easy to rent additional kayaks, canoes, or bikes nearby. Enjoy the beauty of Maine in comfort and style!


Hand-bound limited edition: “Snow Watch” by Robert Fagles (No. 23 of 25)

“Snow Watch” is a visually stunning collection of poems and translations by Robert Fagles, award-winning translator and Arthur W. Marks ’19 Professor of Comparative Literature, Emeritus, at Princeton University. The book itself is a true work of art. It is hand-set, letterpress-printed, hand-sewn, and bound with Japanese linen cloth-covered boards–complemented by artwork from magnesium photo engravings. The first edition was published in 2018 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Fagles’ passing, and made possible by Lynne Fagles, who selected the poems and translations. Design, artwork, hand-setting, letterpress printing and binding were undertaken by Hopewell, NJ-based David Sellers. The book, no. 23 of the 25-copy edition, is signed by Lynne Fagles and David Sellers.


Nicky Katz Classic Ceramic Bowl

Grace your table with this classic serving/decorative bowl from the studio of Nicky Katz. Lovingly made of gorgeous off-white clay with a shiny light blue-green Celadon glaze. Perfect for storing fresh fruit and vegetables – this piece will be a beautiful accent to your home! Approx. 9 inches wide. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


One Month of Fresh Flowers from Sprouts Flowers

Start your month off beautifully with bright blooms delivered weekly to your door on the day of your choice. Request for a special occasion if you’d like! Who wouldn’t be delighted with a month of fresh floral surprises?


Leland Burnham Vintage Marimekko Quilt

This lovely machine-stitched quilt is made with vintage Marimekko fabrics by Princeton quilter, Leland Burnham. It is one-of-a-kind, with unique detail and a whimsical design, and would be suitable for any room in your home or as a beautiful baby gift. 36 inches x 40 inches in size and machine washable.


Nicky Katz “Raku Egg” Vase

This one-of-a-kind vase is an exquisite decorative piece from the studio of Nicky Katz. It is made by hand with coils. A special glaze in the Raku firing process helps to achieve the unique crackled glaze effect. Approx. 8 inches tall.  Accompanied by a Japanese wooden stand. For decorative use only.


First Edition “Andrew Wyeth” by Richard Merryman

Andrew Wyeth is one of the most recognizable and best-known American artists of the twentieth century. This beautiful oversized (17 ½” x 13 ¼”, 175pp) first edition book contains reproductions of almost the entire body of Andrew Wyeth’s work. Published by Houghton Mifflin in 1968, it is in very good condition with the original unclipped dust jacket. The text, written by Richard Merryman, who was invited to produce the book by Wyeth himself, is based on interviews with the artist as he talked about the relationship between his life, his pictures and his sources of inspiration. “Andrew Wyeth” was supervised by the artist at every step. The result is a remarkable book that will be treasured by all lovers of Wyeth’s works.


Leland Burnham Polka-Dot Quilt

A beautiful work of art – for a little one or to grace a sitting area in your home. The reserved polka dot grid on front gives way to a surprising color-infused polka dot pattern on back. This 36-inch x 42-inch machine pieced and quilted masterpiece is lovingly made by Princeton quilter, Leland Burnham. Machine washable.


Picture Book Project

The picture book collection is one of the Library’s most circulated, and arguably the most beloved, collections. Picture books are crucial to nurturing a love for reading. Because of the extremely high circulation of this special collection of over 14,000 books, it is also the most challenging to keep in good condition. Youth Services works diligently to replace worn volumes, as well as to add new favorites. The average yearly cost to maintain the picture book collection is $7,000. Your generous donation will help to sponsor these books for the upcoming year – every $20 donation helps to purchase or replace a book in the collection. Each book that is replaced or added will feature a nameplate and be recognized as a gift from Beyond Words and the Friends.


Parent-Child Book Club with Megan McCafferty

A wonderful opportunity to host a parent-child/mother-daughter book club or birthday party for girls ages 8 to 12 at your home. New York Times Bestselling Author and Princeton resident Megan McCafferty will offer the winner eight (8) advanced reader copies of her upcoming middle grade book “True to Your Selfie,” one month before your club meets. Read the book and then gather for book club where Megan will sign books and facilitate a thoughtful conversation about the themes in the book and social media.


Name Your Own Flavor at the bent spoon

Here is your chance to create the ice cream flavor of your dreams! You will work with Gab Carbone, co-owner of the bent spoon, in a special consultation session to hone your idea. The ‘Spoon Elves’ will then magically turn your flavor dream into reality. Return to the bent spoon after your special flavor is created to claim 10 FULL PINTS of the flavor, AND YOU GET TO NAME IT TOO! You’ll have full bragging rights for having invented and named a new ice cream!


Math Tutoring with Dan Lee

To whom does John Witherspoon Middle School Principal Jason Burr refer parents to help their child take the mystery out of math? JW mathematics teacher Dan Lee! Mr. Lee has been a mathematics teacher for eight years, and on the JW faculty for six years. He coaches various track and field groups, and serves on the district’s Equity Team, helping to break down barriers between cultures and build a more equitable social and academic experience for our children. Outside of JW, he is currently working on his Masters at Columbia University, studying Economics and Education Policy. Mr. Lee will meet with your child for two (2) one-hour tutoring sessions in the Library cafe at mutually agreed-upon dates and times.


Write a Great Application Essay with Richard Trenner

Six hours of coaching on 2020 college or school applications with professional writer Richard Trenner. Whether it’s for college, graduate school or an independent high school, the essay portion of the application is the one opportunity for your student to “speak” directly to the admissions committee. Richard Trenner has guided students over many years to achieve successful outcomes – advising on how to best plan, draft and revise application essays. Richard has taught writing at Princeton University and Rutgers University and for a number of businesses. Richard is a writer of fiction and criticism and a journalist – he even writes about writing.


Librarian for a Day, Book Lover for Life

Foster your child’s love of literacy at the Princeton Public Library! One lucky winner will be a Librarian for the Day by shadowing a dedicated Youth Services Librarian – helping to prepare for a children’s story time, designing a book display, and creating a list of your favorite books in BiblioCommons. The day continues with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Library and lunch in the cafe with the librarian, and concludes with the lucky child receiving a gift certificate to use at the Children’s Book Festival in September 2020.


Private Tour of Joseph Henry Lab

Dr. Michael Littman, Princeton University Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Joseph Henry Scholar, will open his lab and give a private tour of its contents to one lucky family. Professor Littman’s research interests include automatic controls, tunable laser design, and bio-mimic robotics. His principal research concerns the Terrestrial Planet Finder, a project involving design and control of a high contrast coronagraph. He also collaborates with the Smithsonian in a STEM education network using 3D printers to recreate historic inventions. His teaching labs includes LEGO and K’NEX creations to explain principles of science and engineering, Triumph Tiger Cub motorcycles, computer automated N-scale model trains, and a maker space. With all of his cool toys and creations, he is an “engineering Pied Piper to kids”!


Who’s Got Game? Basketball Skills and Drills with Justin Leith

What better way to improve your young basketball player’s skills than with some private coaching from a former professional basketball player? Justin Leith, Varsity Basketball Coach and Director of Athletics at Stuart Country Day School, will give six (6) 1-on-1 or small group private basketball coaching sessions to the lucky winner. In his first five years at Stuart, four-time coach of the year Leith has led the Tartans to back-to-back NJISAA Prep B State titles (2018, 2019). Learn new skills, practice the basics and have some fun shooting hoops with a pro!


One-week Half-day Camp with Firefly Tennis

Firefly Tennis offers “the best junior tennis camp” around! Players will have a blast participating in on-court and off-court activities at a number of indoor and outdoor locations. Give your child the gift of tennis with a week-long, half-day camp that will surely improve your little player’s skills and grow their love of the game. Ace!


Parent-Child Book Club with Matthew Landis

Guys need to read more—or at least that’s what local middle school teacher and award-winning author Matthew Landis thinks. To that end, you can have this wonderful opportunity to host a parent-child/father-son book club for boys ages 10-14 at your home. Matthew will offer the winner (10) copies of his most recent novel, “It’s the End of the World As I Know It”, about a boy turning his backyard shed into a doomsday shelter to survive the apocalypse he believes is happening in 19 days. Read the book and then gather for discussion in February or March of 2020, when Matthew will sign books and facilitate conversation about the book’s primary themes and the origin of the story. Food is encouraged—tacos are Matthew’s favorite, but we hear that he will eat just about anything!


Two Private Lessons with Firefly Tennis

Is your little one the next Serena, Coco, Roger or Novak? Have your young tennis star train with the coaches at Firefly Tennis. Two (2) 60-minute private lessons at any of Firefly’s locations will help accelerate progress in skills, footwork and agility. Game, set, match!


Astrophysicist for the Night

Explore the universe with an astrophysicist! You and your family will enjoy an evening of astronomical conversation with Professor Josh Winn, who will give one lucky family a personal “tour” of his favorite images of planets, star clusters, and galaxies, and answer all your questions about the universe. Josh Winn is a physicist and astronomer at Princeton University. His research goals are to explore the properties of planets around other stars, understand how planets form and evolve, and make progress on the age-old question of whether there are other planets capable of supporting life.


Crew Team for a Day

Do you dream of sunbeams over Carnegie Lake, feeling the morning breeze on your face as you watch a crew team shell slice through the shimmering waters? Turn daydream into reality with this insider’s experience of the Princeton University Women’s Varsity Crew Team! Observe practice from your VIP seat on Coach Lori Dauphiny’s launch. Learn all about the Olympic sport from athlete and coach Ed Hewitt, a.k.a. Mr. Row2K. Tour the famous Boathouse, home of the Princeton University and National Crew Teams, and try out the erg machines and equipment of Olympians. If you (or your child) love rowing, this exclusive experience will thrill!


Mayor for a Day

Get the inside scoop on how Princeton’s municipal government really works. A great opportunity for a child to see local government in action, spending the day with Mayor Liz Lempert and meeting with department heads. Bang the gavel to start the Council meeting!


Family Photo Shoot with Richard Trenner

Enjoy a professional “natural light” photography shoot with Princeton photographer Richard Trenner, featuring you and your family. You’ll arrange a time and place (your house or another site) with Richard for a set of informal family portraits. As you work, you will see the images on a laptop and decide on poses and composition. After you select the images that you really like, Richard will do some “post-processing” (editing) to achieve high technical and aesthetic quality. He will then send you the improved digital images for your review and approval. Next, you will select your favorite images and decide on the size and number of prints that you would like. Richard will make up to eight archival pigment prints for you in sizes that you choose, from 4×6 up to 13×9. Samples of Richard’s work can be found online (search “Richard Trenner Photographer”).


Name Your Own Hoagie at Princeton Pi

You know them by name – those sandwiches so special, they have their own moniker. Now, here’s your chance to create one yourself! You will work with the team at Princeton Pi to select from their offerings to create the hoagie of your dreams. Taste test it and then name it. Princeton Pi will price the sandwich and feature it on their menu for three months.


Two-Hour Garden Consultation with Peter Ham

Do you dream of an English garden? Let Peter Ham, of Ham Landscape Gardens, help you design your own! Peter designs and plants gardens and landscapes, working in the English naturalistic style. In this two-hour consultation, he will work with you to design a garden using native or native-hybridized plants to create a low-maintenance garden of delight that will offer interest throughout the year. Peter designed and planted the renovation of the Morven Museum gardens and grounds and has created several residential gardens of delight in the greater Princeton area, including rain gardens and pollinator-friendly gardens.


Tour of the Scheide Collection

The Scheide Library boasts “one of the finest collections of rare books and manuscripts in the world,” including the Gutenberg Bible and the Declaration of Independence. It’s only accessible by special appointment, but we’ve got you in! You and your five guests will receive a custom-curated private tour of this world-famous collection.


24/7 Parking in Princeton for One Year

When you have this pass card in your possession, parking in downtown Princeton is no problem. For one year, you will be able to use the Spring Street Garage – for free! Come in, go out — in, out, in, out — at work or at play, whether on the job, picking up your reserved library book, visiting the Farmer’s Market, lunching with a friend, or checking out the shops. What freedom will come with this prized object!


TriBeCa Contemporary Art Gallery Tour

Looking to explore the world of contemporary art? Join art enthusiast and painter Lisa Belshaw Ham on a guided tour of contemporary art galleries in NYC’s famed TriBeCa! The tour for you and nine (9) guests will begin at the Denny Dinim Gallery on Lispenard Street, and will continue on to various artistic hotspots. Listen to gallery owners discuss current artists and take in all of the excitement and challenges of the exhibits.


Catered Reception on the Library Terrace

Dazzle your friends with an elegantly catered two-hour cocktail reception on the Princeton Public Library Terrace. This little-known oasis is situated on the top floor of the Library, high above the downtown bustle. Enjoy the sunset views as you feast on the culinary offerings of the Princeton-based Greek bistro, bakery, and market, Local Greek. After consulting with founder Tony Kanterakis, you will select a number of Greek appetizers to create a tantalizing mezede table for up to 20 people. Experience an exquisite culinary exploration of Greece without leaving Princeton! Wine and beer also included.


New York Yankees Tickets

Take me out to the ballgame! Hear the roar of the crowd live with four (4) tickets to a Yankees game, seated at the perfect spot on the infield level in section 223. Buy some peanuts and crackerjack and cheer on the Bronx Bombers – what a great way to spend a day! Excludes “Subway Series” (aka Yankees vs. Mets) and Yankees vs. Red Sox. Game date TBD by YES Network. Valid for Yankees 2020 season only.

New York Giants Tickets

Watch rookie quarterback Daniel Jones and the New York Giants take on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on Sunday December 1st at MetLife Stadium! Winners will receive four (4) tickets and a parking pass for this home game in East Rutherford, NJ. Tickets are in the first row of Section 308. Cheer on Big Blue!


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