Upcoming Friends Evenings

The Friends host evenings at private homes throughout the year; tickets are required and limited seats are available. To purchase tickets, use the link below, or for questions call the Friends at 609-924-9529 ext. 1280.

Our Friends Evenings are currently sold out.

Please check back soon for future events!


 The Friends Share the Love DJ Dance Party was a great success! Thank you to everyone who attended. The dancing was great, but your show of support for the Princeton Public Library was the best move of the night!



Helen Heintz
PresidentMelissa Grzymala
First Vice President

Dana Molina
Second Vice President

Jane Nieman

Peter Ham

Jimi Ayodele
Assistant Treasurer


Kate Baxter
Jessica Deutsch
Audrey Egger
Michael Hall
Veronika Häusle-Kalabacos
Beth Heaney
Nicky Katz
Michele Kolb
Seva Kramer
Patricia Meyer
Tovah Reis
Bridget St. Clair
Christa Smith
Melanie Stein
Richard Trenner
Karen Zemble

Ex Officio:

Brett Bonfield
Library Director

Sherri Garber
Former President

Pam Wakefield
Board of Trustees

Erin Metro
Princeton University Liaison

Lauren Glattly
Friends Administrator

Claire Bertrand
Book Sale Manager